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Come Enjoy the White Flowerscape around Bamboo Lake!

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Post date:2019-03-28



Did you know that calla lilies come in wetland varieties and dryland varieties? The dryland varieties come in various colors, while the calla lilies raised in the nurseries on the moist soil around Zhuzihu (Bamboo Lake) in Yangmingshan National Park are of a delicate creamy white.

In the language of flowers, Calla lilies stand for purity, bliss, and endless love—and the flower-decked rolling hills around the lake certainly feel like a romantic wonderland! The Department of Economic Development (DOED), the Beitou Farmers’ Association and the Taipei Farmers’ Association have laid out trips and routes for people to enjoy the floral beauty and the mountains in Taipei’s backyard. There are cultural and ecological guided tours, affordable half-day packages on ecological farms, and one-day mini trips around the Calla Lily Festival. So come enjoy the rustic romance around Zhuzihu.

On weekdays between March 29 and April 28, the public may sign up for a two-hour free ecological tours with experienced guides. The tours start at 10:30 and 14:00 at the Zhuzihu parking lot. The guides will share the local history of farming around the lake and take their guests to farming management offices from the Japanese colonial era, the Kao Family Shrine, Shuicheliao Trail, groves of Japanese Cedar, and all the way to Dinghu.

Those interested in seeing the famous sights around Zhuzihu, enjoying a wholesome meal prepared from local ingredients, and cutting a bunch of calla lilies to take home, should register for the Half-Day Eco Farm Tour of the Beitou Farmers’ Association. The NT$ 500 tour fee includes insurance, tour guide, flower cutting, DIY materials, and tea with snacks or a meal. There are ten slots per tour only, allocated on a first come first serve basis.

The Tuesday tour visits serene Dinghu, while the Thursday tour goes to the busy Calla Lily Boulevard with its bustling farms and nurseries on either side. Tour participants will hear about the history and ecology of Zhuzihu and its environs, cut flowers, do a plant-based DIY workshop, and bring home a fragrant harvest and some beautiful memories. To sign up, call the Beitou Farmers’ Association at (02) 2892-4185 ext. 340, 450 or Fax at (02) 2893-0227.

The Beitou Farmers’ Association also offers a one-day excursion spotlighting the Calla Lily Festival, which includes a tour bus ride up Yangmingshan for a walk around Zhuzihu and the local farms. The tour fee of NT$ 1500 per person includes the bus shuttle, meal, entry tickets, tour leader, ecological guide, and insurances (NT$ 500,000 liability; NT$ 200,000 medical). This tour is held on the Fridays of March 22, April 12, April 26, and on other group dates by appointment, and for groups of at least 18 persons.

The meeting point for the tour is in front of Taiwan Business Bank opposite Daan MRT Station. The morning program takes participants to the Shuicheliao Trail at Zhuzihu and the Calla Lily Trail at Dinghu. The afternoon program takes place at one of the ecological farms, where one can enjoy being close to nature, making some cute or lucky handicraft items, and preparing yummy bamboo buns stuffed with local, boiled bamboo. You’ll return home with your lungs filled with mountain air, your stomach full of good country food, and your heart brimming with happy memories. To sign up for the One-Day Calla Lily Festival Tour, call the Taipei Farmers’ Association at (02) 2707-0612 ext. 266.

The romantic 2019 Zhuzihu Calla Lily Festival runs from March 29 through April 28. For further details, please visit the DOED website at  or follow the DOED’s Facebook fan page at