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Mayor Ko Attends 2019 Taipei Tourism Expo

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Post date:2019-05-28



Taipei City Mayor Ko Wen-je visited the 2019 Taipei Tourism Expo on the morning of May 17.

During his address, Ko acknowledged the incredible growth of the Taipei Tourism Expo over the years. But he also pointed out that the government would not understand the market as thoroughly as members of industry do. Therefore, to expand Taiwan’s tourism market, industry has to act as the main force with the government playing a supporting role. Only through cooperation between the public and the private sectors will Taiwan’s tourism industry prosper.

The mayor explained that Taipei City had been focusing on three principles when developing its tourism: globalization, localization, and industrialization. The city government is not only hoping that people living in Taiwan will travel to Taipei, it is also trying to attract international travelers to the island’s capital. Nevertheless, he has noticed that globalization is only attainable through localization. For instance, if upon landing in Taiwan a foreign tourist doesn’t find Taipei to be distinct from other cities – as if coming to Taipei feels the same as visiting any other city – then Taipei is not an alluring destination at all. Mayor Ko thereby emphasized once again the importance of localization as Taipei City moves towards internationalization.

In terms of industrialization, Mayor Ko believes that selling our traditional culture would need to incorporate advanced technology, as well as following trends so that travelers would find it fascinating and want to make more return trips. Therefore, real-life and virtual aspects need to be integrated and act simultaneously; linkages and cross-industry partnerships have to be in place also.

Mayor Ko pointed out that people can go have a hot spring bath or stroll along the seaside within 30 minutes from Taipei City, which is rarely found in other cities in the world. It is evident that Taipei is truly a diverse city, in terms of both its culture and geographical environment. He therefore emphasized that Taipei City’s tourism development should not only be publicizing Michelin-starred gourmet restaurants, but alley cultures such as in the neighborhood of Wenzhou Street, Roosevelt Road, and Tingzhou Road should be treated as top attractions as well.

Ko noted that government would not understand the market any better than industry would. Expanding Taiwan’s tourism market would have to rely primarily on industry member’s efforts, with the government playing a supporting role. Through collaboration between the government and civilians in the public and private sectors, Taiwan’s tourism industry shall continue to blossom.

The Department of Information and Tourism (TPEDOIT) also organized a Taipei Pavilion this year at the 2019 Taipei Tourism Expo, which took place at Exhibition Hall 1 of the Taipei World Trade Center between May 17 and 20. With the theme “Undiscovered Taipei – Cool Summer Fun Travels”, Taipei Pavilion echoed the varieties of fun festivities taking place at the riverbanks during summer.

The agency also introduced some creative ways to invite everyone to have an in-depth experience in Taipei. The Taipei Sightseeing Bus launched the “Summer Cool Bus Special Combo” – Taipei Pavilion Limited Edition, which includes two Taipei Sightseeing Bus 4-hour ride vouchers and one Häagen-Dazs afternoon tea set for two people; only 125 Special Combos are available per day and they are offered at a sweet deal of NTD 899 per combo. In addition, TPEDOIT has also partnered with renowned gourmet and souvenir shops for the launch of a series of summer cool products in Taipei. All Taipei citizens: please don’t miss this great opportunity!