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Taiwan-Japan Tourism Summit Forum Kicks Off – Taipei Promotes Japanese Re-visitors with “Undiscovered Taipei”

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Post date:2019-05-28



Taipei City Government will attend the Taiwan-Japan Tourism Summit Forum in Toyama Prefecture, Japan, on May 23 to promote Taipei’s tourism features under the brand Undiscovered Taipei among local Japanese travel agents. Besides the forum promoting Taiwan-Japan tourism and sharing tourism experiences in Taipei City, a series of marketing campaigns directed at Japanese tourists will be devised. Initiatives will be taken to seize Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics-related business opportunities, as well as to promote tour packages in Taipei.

The Japan Association of Travel Agents conducted the Popular Destination Ranking survey targeting those in the industry, with results showing that Taiwan has remained on top as the most popular year-start and year-end travel destination for 4 consecutive years: the island nation has also snatched the no. 1 position as the premier travel destination during Japan’s Golden Week for 6 straight years. Taiwan also surpassed Hawaii last year as the most popular summer vacation travel destination. More than 1.96 million Japanese tourists visited Taiwan last year, showing an increase of 3.7% compared to 2017. As the capital of Taiwan, nearly 90% of Japanese tourists have chosen to visit Taipei.

According to Commissioner of the Department of Information and Tourism of the Taipei City Government (TPEDOIT) Liu Yi-ting, only 14% of the Japanese population has traveled aboard, which is a far cry from Taiwan’s 70%. However, Japanese visitors are still one of the most important sources of foreign tourists in Taiwan. To continue attracting them to visit the country, TPEDOIT has launched multiple promotional packages targeting Japanese tourists. This year, the aim of the theme Undiscovered Taipei is to attract more re-visitors to return to Taipei.

The TPEDOIT has integrated tourism resources and media promotion campaigns to organized related activities, bringing together airlines and travel agents from Taiwan and Japan to unveil tour packages for Taipei. Furthermore, lotteries will be held to give away amazing prizes such as ¥500,000 cash prizes, Tokyo-Taipei return tickets, and five-star hotel accommodation vouchers, and more! At the same time, the agency has also reinforced marketing efforts through local Japanese media, while collaborations with friendly cities including Tokyo, Matsuyama, and Hamamatsu will continue in order to implement the advertising exchange and bilateral travel incentive program. In addition, promotional offers for flights between Aomori Airport in Japan and Taipei Songshan Airport will be launched this year to facilitate friendship among citizens in both countries and promote tourism in Taipei. TPEDOIT is expected to participate in the Taiwan Plus event held by the General Association of Chinese Culture at Ueno Park, where Taipei City tourism feature-related interactive contents will be exhibited through exclusive booths in conjunction with Taipei’s mascot Bravo. Moreover, educational traveling to Taipei will be promoted among young Japanese students by arranging in-depth experiences of Taipei City’s lifestyle, culture, and unique travel itineraries. Based on research conducted by the Educational Tour Institute in Japan, the number of Japanese senior high school students who embarked on educational tours to Taiwan was 53,940, and the figure is expected to exceed 60,000 this year.

Coinciding with the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics next year, a massive demand for traveling to Tokyo to watch the games or sightseeing will arise. In light of this, the TPEDOIT has proactively designed tour packages for the athletes, their families, and spectators of the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics to visit Taipei. The itineraries will focus on travelers heading to the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics and divert them to Taiwan for a stopover; by presenting their Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics admission tickets, they will be able to join the Taipei City Free Walking Tour, which is available in 2 different Undiscovered Taipei itineraries: Longshan Temple or Dadaocheng. On the other hand, foreign travelers may participate in lotteries at designated locations by presenting their Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics tickets for the duration of the event. The prizes include experiential activities, transportation tickets, and gourmet food in Taipei City that can be redeemed immediately.

Since the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics is still a year away, the TPEDOIT will continue to expand the Visit Taipei during Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics Program by releasing more attractive contents in order to let foreign travelers appreciate Undiscovered Taipei!