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Malaysian Internet Sensation, Xue Jie Spend Chinese Valentine’s Day Together – Experiencing the Romantic Ambiance of Qixi Festival

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Post date:2019-08-07



In an effort to expand the Malaysian and Muslim travel markets, Commissioner Liu Yi-ting of the Department of Information and Tourism and Taipei City Government Deputy Spokesperson Huang Ching-yin (also known as “Xue Jie”) experienced Yue Lao’s (Matchmaking God) red yarn knitting – symbolizing the bringing together of couples through matchmaking – with emerging Malaysian actress Elvina Mohamad and Internet sensation Stephy at the Fleisch Tea House in Dadaocheng today (August 3). They also relished in the desserts favored by Yue Lao to experience the romantic vibe of the Qixi Festival.

According to the Tourism Bureau’s statistics, a total of 265,142 Malaysian tourists visited Taiwan between January and June this year, ranking them top of the list in terms of the quantity of Southeast-Asian travelers coming to Taiwan.

To let more Malaysian tourists appreciate Undiscovered Taipei, TPEDOIT has invited emerging Malaysian actress Elvina Mohamad, Internet sensation Stephy, as well as journalists from prominent print and electronic media including Nanyang Siang Pau, Harian Metro, Malaysiakini, and well-known online Muslim travel agency Halal trip to experience Undiscovered Taipei.

Aside from introducing sightseeing spots in Taipei City and a Muslim-friendly travel environment, members of the media tour are also invited to join the Taipei Valentine’s Day celebration so as to experience the romantic Chinese Valentine’s atmosphere in Taipei City. The media tour participants were thrilled about the itinerary and looked forward to spending the next few days in the city.

At the welcoming party, Commissioner Liu raised a toast to the Malaysian guests with a glass of tea on behalf of Taipei City. He emphasized that, “as an enchanting international metropolis with constant innovations, Taipei offers 5 unique cultural venues and wall-less museums inspired by the theme of Undiscovered Taipei, including southern city, Bangka, Dadaocheng, Beitou, and the northern city corridor. There is always something new in Taipei awaiting your discovery.

The TPEDOIT hopes to enhance the quality and friendliness of tourism in Taipei, therefore it has continued to improve Muslim-friendly environments in restaurants, hotels, and public venues in the city so that Muslim travelers can enjoy a great time and have peace of mind.”

The commissioner further pointed out that according to the 2019 MasterCard-CrescentRating Global Muslim Travel Index (GMTI), Taiwan has emerged as the 3rd most attractive non-Muslim destination among Muslims in the world for the first time, and Taipei is also the must-see city for foreign tourists, thus it has become a highly popular tourist destination among Muslims worldwide. As far as Muslim food services and accommodation are concerned, the number of Halal certified restaurants and hotels in Taipei City has reached 57, ranking it first in the country. In addition, prayer rooms and bidet spray facilities have been installed at venues such as the Discovery Center of Taipei, Taipei Railway Station, National Palace Museum, and TWTC Exhibition Hall 1, while Taipei Beitou Health Management Hospital has obtained Muslim friendly hospital certification in late July, therefore the media tour will take the journalists to experience the city’s friendly medical care facilities as well. In the future, the TPEDOIT will continue to assist the hotel industry to obtain Halal certification in order to accommodate more Muslim tourists in Taipei.

Chinese Valentine’s Day is just 4 days away, so the welcoming party has arranged for the Malaysian guests to experience the Old Man under the Moon’s red yarn knitting cultural tradition and taste his favorite dessert. According to Deputy Spokesperson Huang, she has dressed up as Venus the goddess of love to offer guests advice on love and to bless everyone to find their true love. After the welcoming party, the Malaysian media tour group embarked on their exciting journey of Taipei from Dadaocheng. Tonight, they will visit the most romantic dating spot in Taipei, Yanping Riverside Park, in order to admire the majestic Dadaocheng fireworks show and celebrate the most sought-after Valentine’s Day festival in Taipei City. It is hoped that the Internet sensations’ online promotion will attract more Muslims to travel to Taipei.

After their journey in Taipei comes to an end this week, Internet sensations Elvina Mohamad and Stephy will head to Taitung to attend the Taiwan International Balloon Festival. As the vibrantly colored hot air balloons slowly ascend into the sky, they are treated to the most awesome visual spectacle and a glimpse of Taitung County’s magnificent LOHAS urban demeanor.