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Taipei Fun Pass – THSR Holiday and THSR Joint Tickets Now on Sale

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Post date:2019-09-04



Are you a travel aficionado? Taipei City Government’s Department of Information and Tourism (TPEDOIT) has collaborated with THSR for the first time to launch 2 travel cards, namely Taipei Fun Pass THSR Holiday and Taipei Fun Pass THSR Joint Ticket today (August 28). From now on, traveling will be so much more comfortable and convenient than you have ever imagined!

Taipei Fun Pass THSR Holiday and Taipei Fun Pass THSR Joint Ticket are designed for domestic travelers in central and south Taiwan, catering to their distinct travel preferences. If you want to experience the metropolitan elegance of Greater Taipei and visit various scenic attractions, you are welcome to purchase the THSR Holiday 2-day Pass; for those who prefer to embrace the outdoors, make their own travel arrangements, and take in the picturesque scenery along the way, the THSR Joint Ticket 2-day Pass is an ideal choice.

According to TPEDOIT Commissioner Liu Yi-ting, 90% of foreign tourists coming to Taiwan will visit Taipei, New Taipei and Keelung since the natural landscapes, historic monuments, culture, and gourmet food in northern Taiwan have always been extremely appealing to them. Through the collaboration between Taipei Fun Pass and THSR, tourists buying return THSR tickets will be able to enjoy the convenient and economical travel package. Furthermore, the launch of the Taipei Fun Pass also serves to facilitate cross-region travel and engender a three-win situation for domestic tourism, thereby reinvigorating the tourism industry in Taipei, New Taipei, and Keelung.

The Taipei Fun Pass THSR Holiday is a package consisting of a return THSR ticket and Taipei Fun Pass, and it is sold exclusively through the THSR Holiday official website and travel agents. Aimed at travelers who wish to visit all major destinations in Taipei City in one sitting, the package features admission tickets to 4 out of 8 essential downtown destinations in conjunction with a THSR return ticket (reserved standard car) and Taipei Metro 2-day pass. Departing from Zuoying to Taipei, each package is NT$2,980 (valued at NT$4,010), allowing travelers to roam free in Taipei City with just one card.

In addition to a discount on THSR return tickets (reserved standard car), Taipei Fun Pass THSR Joint Ticket 2-day Pass also includes a 2-day pass to Taipei Metro, bus, and Taiwan Tourist Shuttle (5 routes), as well as 6 major scenic attractions in Taipei, New Taipei and Keelung. Departing from Zuoying to Taipei, the package containing a return THSR ticket and the Taipei Fun Pass THSR Joint Ticket only costs NT$2,830 (valued at NT$5,010), allowing you to take in the diverse landscapes of the city, breathtaking mountain views, and coastal scenery. You may purchase the outstanding value for money package at ibon’s ticketing website!

The Taipei Fun Pass product lineup not only combines admission tickets to popular venues, long-distance and short-distance transport, but also incorporates nearly 100 meticulously selected discount stores. For instance, you may receive complimentary steamed dumplings by presenting the card while purchasing specified products at Dian Shiu Lou; get the second cup for half price for the purchase of beverages at cha FOR TEA to go or Mr. Brown Café. With a wide range of special offers, the Taipei Fun Pass aims to present the richness and diversity of Greater Taipei’s tourism resources through total industry collaborations, allowing travelers to appreciate the warm hospitality of Taipei, New Taipei and Keelung. If you consider yourself an avid traveler, this card is definitely for you! For ticket-related information, please refer to the Taipei Fun Pass official website.

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