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Mayor Attends 2019 Taipei Pets Festival Kick-off Press Conference

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Post date:2019-12-18



Taipei City Mayor Ko Wen-Je attended the kick-off press conference of the 2019 Taipei Pets Festival on December 9. He pointed out that the low birth rate has resulted in the increasing number of fur babies. Therefore, in order to become a livable and sustainable city, Taipei must provide people and dogs with a comfortable, livable environment. To this end, the city government will gradually transform Taipei into a livable, sustainable city for all pets by implementing various thoughtful measures.

According to Ko, statistics indicate that there are currently 10 sniffer dogs stationed at Songshan Airport and the Taipei Port to prevent African swine fever and drugs from entering the country, thus customs require many sniffer dogs to carry out epidemic prevention work. Furthermore, the Taipei City Fire Department also has 7 sniffer dogs, and 4 of them have received advanced training and accreditation. He encourages schools to adopt dogs from Taipei Animal Shelter as their school dogs. However, he also said that schools are closed during summer and winter breaks, therefore school dogs are a more challenging concept to promote. Other roles dogs also fulfill include guide dogs and therapy dogs.

The mayor believes that if Taipei is to become a livable and sustainable city, an environment that is comfortable and livable for people and dogs must be created first. Consequently, there are now 6 dog parks and activity areas in Taipei City along with 12 friendly bus routes.

As for whether dogs and cats will be allowed on the MRT, the necessary details are currently being studied in an effort to gradually transform Taipei into a livable and sustainable city for canines and felines. Additionally, Ko also observed that 124 service providers and 142 storefronts are currently offering pet-friendly services in Taipei City, and some of them even provide pet set meals and fur baby snacks.

Lastly, Ko especially introduced the Fur Baby-Friendly Christmas Land event, which will be held at the Taipei City Xinyi Plaza on December 21. There will be 30 booths offering 100 free rabies vaccines and pet chip registration service; all citizens are welcome to attend the friendly Christmas celebration.