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Name-Based Admission Implemented at Hot Spring Foot Spa Pools in Beitou District to Control the Number of Visitors

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Post date:2020-04-09



With the COVID-19 outbreak worsening, whether public areas should remain open has become a topic of concern. In order to provide citizens with a safe foot spa environment, Taipei City Government’s Department of Economic Development has implemented name-based admission to foot spa pools at Fuxing Park and Sulfur Valley to control the number of visitors and prevent the risk of infection. Additionally, the Quanyuan Park foot spa pool will be closed from March 25, 2020, until late April for maintenance. Adjustments will be made in the future depending on the outbreak situation.
Adjustments made include:

Opening hours: 08:00–18:00 (Tuesday–Sunday). Admission will begin on the hour and visitors will be allowed to soak their feet for 40 minutes. Ten minutes before the end of the session, an announcement will be made to remind people to get ready to exit the venue so that the area can be cleaned and disinfected.

Name-based admission: Full name will be taken down along with telephone number and address. Those who have not traveled abroad nor exhibited signs of fever and coughing, and who have not been subjected to home quarantine (isolation) over the past 2 weeks will be permitted to enter.

Safe distance: Each seat is separated by 1 meter and visitors must take their seats according to their number.

Visitor number control: The foot spa pool in Fuxing Park and Sulfur Valley accommodates up to 51 and 31 persons respectively per session. They will be guided to their seats by the staff, who will also register their seat numbers.

Sulfur Valley Hot Spring Foot Spa Pool
Location: Diagonally opposite No. 77, Quanyuan Rd., Beitou Dist., Taipei City, inside Yangmingshan National Park’s Sulfur Valley Recreation Area.
Direction: Sulfur Valley hot spring foot spa pool offers convenient parking. Visitors can also take bus S7, S9, or S26 at MRT Beitou Station and disembark at Mituo Temple Stop.

Fuxing Park Hot Spring Foot Spa Pool
Location: Opposite No. 61, Zhonghe St., Beitou Dist., Taipei City
(1) MRT: Exit MRT Xinbeitou Station and walk to the left for about 250 meters to reach the destination.
(2) Bus: Xinbeitou Stop (216 Shuttle, 218, 218 Shuttle, 218 Express, 223, 266, 602, S6, NH16, NK [Beitou]). Beitou Park Stop (bus 129, 230, S7, S9, S22, S26).