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The Footbaths in Beitou District Will Resume Standard Operations Starting June 9

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Post date:2020-06-12



With the easing of restrictions for various public venues, the Department of Economic Development, Taipei City Government announced that it will remove restrictions, such as real-name registration and social distancing for seating, for several public footbaths in Beitou District starting June 9.

However, the following measures will remain in place:
  1. Business Hours: 8 AM – 6 PM Tuesdays to Sundays. Disinfection will be conducted when the facility is temporarily closed between noon and 1 PM.
  2. Face Mask: Visitors will be admitted only if they wear a face mask.
Footbaths in Beitou District to Resume Standard Operations Starting June 9
Quanyuan Park Footbath
Note: Quanyuan Park Footbath will reopen on June 9.
Address: No. 155, Zhuhai Road, Beitou District (located across from Yifang Elementary School)
1、From MRT Beitou Station, take S28 and disembark at Quanyuan Park stop
2、From MRT Beitou Station, take 230, S7, S22, or S26 and disembark at Chunghwa Post Training Institute stop. The park is within walking distance.

Sulfur Valley Footbath
Address: No. 77, Quanyuan Road, Beitou District (inside Sulfur Valley Recreational Park)
Directions: Take buses S7, S9, or S26 from MRT Beitou Station and disembark at Mituo Temple stop. There are also parking lots in the surrounding area.

Fuxing Park Footbath
Address: No. 61, Zhonghe Street, Beitou District
1、The footbath is 250 meters away from MRT Xinbeitou Station
2、Take bus 216 shuttle, 218, 218 express, 218 shuttle, 223, 266, 602, S6, NH 16 or NK Beitou Line to MRT Xinbeitou Station. Alternatively, take bus 129, 230, S7, S9, S22, or S26 to Beitou Park stop.