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Night Sky above Dadaocheng Illuminated by 480 Seconds of Fireworks

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Post date:2020-09-01



Mayor Ko Wen-je attended the 2020 Dadaocheng Valentine’s Day and Fireworks Festival on August 29.
Before taking to the stage, the mayor stopped by the emergency response center to express his gratitude to staff members. He also wrote a postcard for his wife at the boutique of Taipei Post Office and tried out some pancake nuggets at another stall.
During his address, the mayor remarked that the fireworks show was postponed from last week due to typhoon. However, judging from the size of the crowd, the decision didn’t seem to make them any less passionate. In addition to thanking the audience for their participation, the mayor also took the opportunity to promote Dadaocheng. He touted the rich history of the neighborhood that can be traced back all the way to Qing Dynasty, and praised its role as the birthplace of Taiwan’s New Culture Movement in the 1920s.
He noted with regret that the city government was working with the South Korean city of Daugu to organize a major event spotlighting beer and fried chicken, but the pandemic caused led to downscaling, with its presence marked by only a small number of stalls. However, he believes that the collaboration will resume once the pandemic subsides.
Ko also reminded revelers that in addition to the fireworks, the city government has also set up an interactive lantern zone at the Yongle Plaza. The attraction will last all the way through September 20.
He also mentioned the ongoing Taipei Staycation Festival, inviting visitors from outside Taipei to stay at hotels and inns in the city and be qualified for entering a raffle. That is why the fireworks event for this year has been delayed to the latter part of the show, encouraging visitors to stay overnight in Taipei.