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TPEDOIT Established Guideline for Quarantine Hotel Reservations

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Post date:2021-01-20



With the rising demand for quarantine hotel rooms from people returning to Taiwan before the Chinese New Year holidays, Taipei City Government unveiled new guidelines governing quarantine hotel reservations for non-residents of Taipei City on January 14.

In general, if the City’s room availability chart has more than 50 quarantine hotel rooms on a specific date, reservations will open up to non-residents from other places. Meanwhile, the City’s Department of Information and Tourism (TPEDOIT) will continue to work with local hotels in an effort to increase the room availability during this period.

Upon announcement of the central government’s quarantine policy of “one individual per residence,” the demand for quarantine hotel rooms has skyrocketed in recent days. To support the new directive, Taipei City Government has secured more hotel rooms by increasing the number of qualified accommodation from 6,387 to 6,841 units. The newly established 400 quarantine rooms in Taipei City helps to relieve the room shortage prior to the Chinese New Year holiday. For example, between January 22 and 28, the quarantine room availability has increased from 20 units to more than 100 units.

Noticing the immense public interest in room availability, the city government announced that 50 rooms will be reserved for residents of Taipei, Kinmen, Matsu, and Penghu; and any vacant rooms beyond this quota will open up to residents of other places.  

For the latest update on vacant rooms in each hotel, please visit the TPEDOIT quarantine hotel and FAQ website ( (Chinese). For quarantine room availability before the Chinese New Year holidays, please check the following website ( (Chinese). For questions regarding quarantine hotels, please call the 1999 Citizens Hotline.

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