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New Dog Exercise Field at Guting Riverside Park Opens to the Public

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Post date:2021-03-05



The Guting Dogs Activity Zone officially opened to the public on March 3. The fenced-off, exercise field for canines is located inside the Guting Riverside Park of Zhongzheng District.
New Dog Exercise Field at Guting Riverside Park Opens to the Public
As one of the opening activities, the Animal Protection Office (APO) invited the members from Profession Animal-assisted Therapy Association of Taiwan, who brought trained therapy dogs to share both knowledge on dog behaviors with the audience and keys to preventing conflict between pet owners and their furry friends. Paw for Good, a group which trains stray dogs to serve as therapy dogs, also talked about how to ensure the safety of dogs during exercise.

APO also offered free pet registration and onsite rabies inoculation for 50 dogs on the opening day.

Deputy Mayor Huang Shan-shan remarked that as a part of Taipei’s effort to create an animal-friendly city, city hall plans to set up at least 1 dog exercise park or dog activity zone for each of its 12 administrative districts. Guting Dogs Activity Zone is the eighth facility of its kind, made possible through the support from the borough chief and residents of Wangxi Borough. The facility takes up an area of 703 square meters and consisting of fences and a two-layer gate entrance to strengthen safety. There are also benches, dog waste bag dispensers, trash cans and wash basin.

The agency also pointed out that cleaning is conducted by staff on a daily basis, as well as replenishing the supply of dog waste bags. To prevent possible spread of infectious disease among the canines, disinfection spray (relatively harmless to dogs) is used to sterilize the field on every week.

For more information on exercise fields for furry friends, please visit the official Chinese website of APO  or its Facebook fan page . 

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