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Pick You Favorite Color Coordination for Trains of MRT Wanda Line

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Post date:2021-04-23



Mayor Ko Wen-je attended the “Taipei MRT Wanda Line-Wanda Line: Connecting to My Daily Life Campaign” promotion event on April 20.
During his address, the mayor noted that the city’s first MRT line opened in 1996. Today, the mass transit system boasts 131 stations serving an annual passenger volume reaching 790 million. It also welcomed the 1 billionth rider in 2020.
Currently, phase 1 constructions of the MRT Wanda Line are being carried out in the city. Today’s event seeks to promote the themed displays on the new MRT line set up at both MRT Zhonghe Station and MRT CKS Memorial Hall Station. The primary purpose of the showcase is to encourage citizens to vote for their preferred color pattern for the trains that will be running on the MRT line.
From today through May 16, the public is welcomed to cast their vote online. Participants will have a chance to receive face masks and more great prizes!
The mayor remarked that while the constructions of the new line has been proceeding smoothly, he expects the daily passenger volume of MRT Wanda Line to reach 247,000 after opening up to residents living or working in the area spanning CKS Memorial Hall to Tucheng District.
In addition, the MRT system is expected to add 62 escalators to its stations by next year. In the past, MRT stations only required one elevator and one escalator. However, with the growing complexity of today’s stations, those with exits on two sides of the road have to provide at least one an escalator or elevator for the exit on one side. Roughly NT$600 million went into the ambitious project.
Ko also noted that the experience accumulated from over 30 years running the MRT is valuable. That is why the Department of Rapid Transit Systems invited retired staff members to form an editorial team to publish book detailing the SOP from the system’s construction to operation stages.