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City Enforces Quarantine Hotel Inspections, Adds Spot Checks

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Post date:2021-05-10



In light of the recent COVID-19 cluster at Novotel Taipei Taoyuan International Airport, Taipei City Government decided to carry out a full-scale inspection of Taipei’s quarantine hotels in April. Thanks to the assistance of professional medical support teams, the checkup of 102 quarantine hotels in Taipei has been completed successfully.

Mayor Ko Wen-je and Deputy Mayor Huang Shan-shan visited one of the quarantine hotels on May 6 to observe the measures implemented by hotel operators in accordance with quarantine guidelines.
City Enforces Quarantine Hotel Inspections, Adds Spot Checks
In compliance with the Taiwan Centers for Disease Control’s Guideline on Quarantine Hotel Establishment, Management, and Response and the Department of Health’s Checklist for COVID-19 Quarantine Hotel, quarantine hotel inspections will be conducted every month and hotel operators will be asked to carry out measures in the areas of check-in s, access control, safety management, room and facility maintenance, environment sanitation, waste removal, staff health management, and specific requirements strictly. This is to ensure that there are no loopholes for the pandemic to spread.

During his visit, Mayor Ko received a briefing from hotel staff on the standard operating procedures of customer admission, meal delivery service, room disinfection, and health management of hotel employees. Ko remarked that in the future, the inspections will highlight aspects such as guest flow lines and the personal health management of hotel employees.
City Enforces Quarantine Hotel Inspections, Adds Spot Checks
The Department of Information and Tourism pointed out that in addition to the daily checklist completed by the hotels, the agency will conduct both schedule inspections and spot checks by medical personnel and staff from regulatory agencies in the future. The monthly inspections for May will be completed before May 14.