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City to Continue Automated Bus Trials on Weekends Starting May 8

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Post date:2021-05-10



The Department of Transportation (DOT) announced the start of second phase trials for the automated buses following the successful late light operations on Xinyi Road bus lanes in 2020.

The second phase trials will last from May 8 through January of 2022. Public access to the automated buses will be available from midnight through 2 AM on Saturdays during this period. Reservation for a seat on the bus can be made online starting at 9 AM on May 6.

The bus makes stops at important commercial districts including Xinyi, Tonghua, Yongkang, and Taipei Railway Station. The entire route spans 8.5 kilometers, spanning 19 intersections and 27 bus stops. The first stage of the trial was carried out between September 30, 2020 and February 19, 2021. A total of 3,274 passengers were able to enjoy rides on the automated bus during the trial operations.

The initial trial runs received an overwhelming 90% approval rate from the public. For the second phase of the test, technologies such as vehicle control precision, breaking optimization to maximize ride smoothness, and bus speed will be adjusted and upgraded. Rides on the automated bus are free of charge.

According to DOT, the project is a collaboration among companies including IISI, Tron-e, Trillion Green Energy, Thinktron, Askey Computer, and MTC Bus. The bus operation system is developed solely by domestic companies, while nearly 70% of the vehicle’s hardware components are made locally as well.
City to Continue Automated Bus Trials on Weekends Starting May 8
Automated Bus Passenger Registration:
Automated Bus Rides for the Public: Midnight – 2 AM on Saturdays
Automated Bus Route: All 6 sections of Xinyi Road (from Taipei 101 to Xinyi Hanzhou)

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