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All Pass Ticket to Introduce Shared Scooter Add-on Option

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Post date:2021-05-18



To encourage citizens to take advantage of public transportation and to incorporate shared scooters as a viable transit option, the Department of Transportation (DOT) collaborated with shared scooter companies to introduce the shared scooter add-on plan for the 30-day All Pass Ticket starting May 13. By choosing the add-on option, pass holders will be eligible for the NT$200 monthly subsidy provided by city hall.

With the goal of achieving 70% green transportation usage rate of by the year 2030, the DOT continues to introduce public transportation-related policies and deals. In April of 2018, the 30-day All Pass Ticket was introduced which grants pass holders unlimited access to the MRT and public bus systems of Taipei and New Taipei within a 30-day period, as well as YouBike rentals with the first 30 minutes free of charge.
All Pass Ticket to Introduce Shared Scooter Add-on Option
In 2019, the agency rolled out more shared transportation options, hoping to realize first and last mile connections for transit users. To expand the coverage of the public transportation network, DOT collaborated with 3 shared scooter companies (WeMo Scooter, iRent, and GoShare) to offer a bundle combining public transportation monthly pass with an affordable plan for hiring shared scooters.

To purchase the add-on, simply use the Easy Wallet app on your smart phone and purchase the All Pass Ticket with either a registered physical EasyCard bound to your account or through the “Beep Ride” function on the app. After acquiring the All Pass Ticket, users can proceed to buy the add-on shared scooter plan from the “1280 add-on purchase” menu within the app after activating the monthly pass. The details of the plans are available on the respective operator’s website. The WeMo Scooter and iRent plans are available starting May 13.

Furthermore, to encourage the public to try out the shared scooters, DOT will provide 50,000 users (Taipei residency required) a special incentive in 2021. Taipei residents who purchase the add-on plan with their All Pass Ticket and have no record of refunding the purchase during the 30-day period can enjoy a subsidy of NT$200 each month.