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[Level 3 COVID Alert] SMS Contact-tracing System to be Implemented for Buses, MRT, Taxis

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Post date:2021-05-25



In light of the spike in domestic COVID-19 cases and in response to the new SMS contact-tracing mechanism introduced by the Executive Yuan, the Public Transportation Office (PTO) has requested public bus operators and Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation to acquire the QR Code and post it on buses and metro carriages.

As for taxis, the city government encourages taxi drivers, taxi dispatch firms and taxi fleets to apply for their respective QR Code via the SMS Contact Tracing System website to facilitate related implementation.

After logging onto the Website as a “transportation business,” the QR Code provided thereby can be used by the taxi driver, taxi dispatch firm, taxi fleet or member of the cooperative.
[Level 3 COVID Alert] SMS Contact-tracing System to be Implemented for Buses, MRT, Cabs
Independent taxi operators, on the other hand, shall login as an “individual business owner” in order to apply for a QR Code. The QR Code provided thereto can be printed out and posted on the taxi or, alternatively, be saved to the smart phone, allowing passengers to register their whereabout by scanning it.

PTO reminds transportation businesses and operators that the deadlines for the implementation of SMS contact-tracing system are: May 23 for buses/MRT; and May 26 for taxis. Passengers are also reminded to scan the QR code during the journey in order to protect their health and others’ well-being.

During the pandemic period, bus, MRT, and taxi passengers should wear a face mask and refrain themselves from talking. Those who do not wear a face mask may receive fines between NT$3,000 and NT$15,000.

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