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[Level 3 COVID Alert] Access to Park Facilities Suspended through June 14

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Post date:2021-05-31



In light of the central government’s announcement on prolonging the nationwide Level 3 COVID Alert through June 14, the Public Works Department (PWD) announced that it will close playgrounds, exercising devices, and auxiliary sports venues at parks and green spaces affiliated to the agency through June 14 to minimize gatherings which may induce the spread of the virus.

However, citizens can still access park facilities such as public restrooms, walkways and trails, grass fields, and other public spaces during this period. The PSLO will also increase the frequency of cleaning and disinfecting public restrooms.  
[Level 3 COVID Alert] Access to Park Facilities Suspended through June 14
The PWD pointed out that given the spike in domestic COVID cases in recent weeks and the nationwide Level 3 COVID alert, it will close off park pavilions, playgrounds, exercising equipment, and sports venues inside parks (such as skating rink, basketball courts, and badminton courts) to reduce the chance of people violating social distancing guidelines and transmitting the virus via surface contact or airborne droplets.

As for when these facilities will reopen to the public, the agency remarked that it will depend on the future development of the pandemic.

The agency also calls upon the public to wear face mask, avoid gatherings, and maintain social distancing when visiting public areas such as parks during this period. They should still be on the alert even when traveling outdoors.