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DOL Promotes Contactless Food Delivery

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Post date:2021-06-18



In light of the pandemic, the Department of Labor (DOL) pointed out that among the complaints received between May 10 and June 9, over 58% are from citizens demanding delivery persons not to bring the orders upstairs to their doors. This is primarily due to concerns over the risk of transmission.

Labor Commissioner Chen Hsin-yu calls upon restaurant delivery service operators to implement the option of contactless food delivery. She also reminds customers to wear their face mask when picking up delivered meals outside their doorsteps to minimize the chance of contagion.
Delivery service vehicle parked at the roadside
According to Chen, police, fire fighters, and medical workers are the frontline guardians in the field of public health and social safety. Likewise, delivery persons are the vanguards in maintaining the urban sustenance network. For many people, life under the Level 3 COVID Alert mean that delivery persons are their lifeline, ensuring that supply of food and daily necessities arrive at their homes during the quasi-lockdown.

The commissioner remarked that residents don’t want the meals to be delivered upstairs because they are either afraid of exposing themselves to potential carriers, or are concerned about the contact history of the delivery person. Therefore, a common attitude is “Leave the meal on the first floor or at the building’s entrance – don’t bring them upstairs!”.

 Delivery service vehicle parked at the roadsideHowever, there are also people who need their meals delivered to their doorsteps, especially for those who might be disabled or suffer from mobility issues, which makes going downstairs a challenge.

Chen pointed out that DOL have notified meal deliver operators on May 14 to implement contactless delivery and contactless payment options. On June 2, the agency issued a follow-up notice calling upon these businesses to suspend cash transactions and replace them with online or third-party app payment.

Regarding deliveries, Chen pointed out that the current guideline is to place items “on the first floor” for contactless deliveries. However, for pregnant women, mobility-impaired individuals, and those under quarantine, delivery to the doorstep is still available. Delivery service platform operators should remind delivery persons to observe social distancing and other pandemic prevention guidelines. Apartment and office buildings should also set aside areas on the first floor as drop-off zone for delivered goods. When leaving their doorsteps to pick up meals, individuals should still wear face mask.