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Traditional Market 2.0 – Home Delivery of Fruits, Meats, Vegetables, and More

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Post date:2021-06-25



The Markets Administration Office (MAO) announced that a total of 4 traditional markets in Taipei City – Zhongshan, Xidong, Xinglong, and Songjiang – have partnered with Uber Eats to provide home delivery service of produce such as fruits, vegetables, meats, and more.

The agency remarked that the collaboration is one of the measures adopted to help vendors at traditional markets open up new channels for business. It is also considering the possibility of expanding the scope of such partnerships to offer residents convenient and innovate ways to shop for fresh produce.

Since the implementation of Level 3 COVID Alert in Taipei City, many residents are hesitant about shopping at traditional markets due to exposure risk at crowded places. Seeing a spike in the demand for home delivery of fresh produce, vendors took advantage of this opportunity to reach customers beyond their immediate neighborhood and community. Of course, the arrangement also helps to reduce the risk of spread during the pandemic period.

While a number of online businesses offer “vegetable bundle” deals, customers discover that the types and quantity of vegetable that come with such packages are fixed. Of course, they have to look elsewhere for meat and fish. Noticing this problem, venders at traditional markets team up to offer a one-stop-shop option which allows customers to pick and choose what they need.

According to MAO, the aforementioned markets which joined hands with Uber Eats have set up designated order processing desks. Market staff collect the goods from the respective stalls to fulfill the order and put the bundle together for delivery workers. Thanks to the convenience of e-payment, shoppers can stay home and simply wait for the goods to arrive.

In addition to working with Uber Eats, it is also discussing collaboration possibilities with foodpanda and other operators. Hopefully, the innovative approach will help traditional markets transform and make them more attractive to younger customers.
Delivery worker picking up products at one of Taipei's traditional markets


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