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Energy Policy Vision Workshop: Brainstorm on Unlimited Water Possibilities

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Post date:2021-08-19



To lead the vision of sustainable development in Taipei, the Department of Economic Development (DEOD) will hold the second Energy Policy Vision Workshop on August 20 (Friday) on the theme of "Sustainable Use of Water Resources".

We’ve invited Professor Lai Zhengneng from the Department of Public Relations & Advertising of Shih Shin University and Director Zhuang Shunxing of the Graduate Institute of Environmental Engineering of National Central University to join us in the meeting.

Under the influence of climate change, by the diversified use of water resources, discussing how individuals and the government can help to make Taipei a safe, sustainable and ecological sponge city. These are green infrastructure which enable the city to flexibility store rainfall and release the water when there is a need. Citizens who are interested in this discussion forum are welcome to register on the official website of the Taipei Energy Policy Workshop.
Poster for the Energy Policy Vision Workshop
To consider possible dual-track progress of environment and economy, Taipei City promotes energy policies in the hopes of balancing the key aspects of urban development such as economic development, energy security and environmental adjustment. To make the city's energy policy plan more complete, continued exchanges on forward-looking experiences with international cities is important. Moreover, the participation of citizens is a key element as well.

In addition to inviting citizens to participate in the promotion of the city's energy policy, six sessions of Energy Policy Vision Workshop have been planned since August. The first session "Smart Shared Green Transport" has concluded successfully. It has received enthusiastic responses from the public. The event attracted more than 40 people to share ideas, discuss, and exchange thoughts through online workshops. They also cooperated with the graphic recorder during the forum, transforming the results of the brainstorming of citizens into images in real time to show the beautiful vision of Taipei's low-carbon transportation.

The energy policy of Taipei City takes " Save Energy and Reduce Carbon Emission ", "Development of Diversified Energy", "Adaptation to Climate Change", and "Development of Circular Economy" into its core. Therefore, to respond to the climate change, “The Use of Sustainable Water Resources” and "Controlling the Urban Heat Island Effect" is the focusing policy.

We will continue to increase rainwater storage so that water can be reused. We will also focus on green roofs and campus greening, expanding public facilities and green spaces to create more water retention, water storage and stagnant water spaces.

For more information on practices, results and activities, please visit the official Chinese website of DOED.