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Beekeeping- Experience the Natural Sweetness of Neishuangxi

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Post date:2021-08-24



What is the public’s first impression of cute bees? "Honey is sweet and delicious"; "Little bees would sting and hurt people", and "Little bees work hard every day to collect nectar". However, bees play an indispensable role in the ecosystem! As summer vacation is drawing to a close, why not come to Neishuangxi to learn about the ecology of bees, and DIY beeswax candles as well.

Global-wise, nearly one-third of nutrient intake in a human’s diet require bee pollination to produce fruits and vegetables as food. These insects not only assist plant pollination, but also allow people to obtain honey, pollen, royal jelly, beeswax and other bee by-products. For the past few years, due to factors such as climate change, insufficient nectariferous plants and excessive use of pesticides, beekeepers often have a hard time finding places to keep bees.

In recent years, the Council of Agriculture has actively promoted the sideline industry in forests under the principle of "not disturbing the underlying forest ecology", and understory beekeeping is one of these occupations. Thanks to the diversity of nectariferous plants in forests, the honey produced under such environment is often more diverse and distinctive
A beekeeper at work
To promote beekeeping under the forest, the Geotechnical Engineering Office selected the Neishuangxi Nature Center as its base of operation. Since 2021, the agency has been working with beekeepers to place beehives to collect nectar. Additional undertakings involve guided tours, beeswax DIY and other hands-on experiences. Through learning more about beekeeping activities, GEO seeks to raise public awareness on the sweet taste of environmental education and agricultural experiences.

"Neishuangxi Forest Beekeeping Experience Activity" will take place on August 29 and September 5, both in the morning and afternoon, with each session limited to 30 attendees. Online registration will open at 12 noon on August 22. or via the FB fan page "Taipei Lands". Registration will close when all positions are full). We welcome friends who want to learn more about bees to sign up!

Traffic Information of Neishuangxi Nature Center
1. Address: No. 27, Lane 150, Section 3, Zhishan Road, Shilin District, Taipei City
2. Directions:

(1) From downtown Taipei, travel in the direction of Waishuangxi and take the third section of Zhishan Road uphill along the Bixi Industrial Road (with parking lot).
(2) From MRT Jiantan Station: Take public minibus 1 to Neishuangxi Nature Center Station; alternatively, take bus No. 18 and get off at Bixi Bridge and walk to Neishuangxi Nature Center (about 30 minutes)
(3) Parking spaces are limited to the parking lot in Neishuangxi Nature Center. Participants of the event are encouraged to take public transportation up to the mountain in the interest of energy saving and carbon reduction. Thank you for your cooperation!

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