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Arriving with a Suitcase: “My Migrant worker family” Online Exhibition Let’s You Know More About Household Foreign Caretakers

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Post date:2021-08-27



In Taiwan, there are about 700,000 migrant workers. You can often see that the streets and parks are often frequented by foreign caretakers and their elders across Taipei City. In order to let our people to better understand the problems of care confronting employer families and the foreign caretakers, Taipei City Foreign and Disabled Labor Office (FDLO) will host the "My Migrant Workers" online exhibition from September 11 to October 15, 2021.

The online exhibition covers aspects spanning the process of migrant workers coming to Taiwan to work, the family’s daily work, the dreams and expectations of migrant workers, to the acceptance and tolerance of foreign caretakers by our people. It is said that families and foreign caretakers are moving towards a long-term vision of the concepts and knowledge needed for traveling this road together.

Chen Shin-yu, commissioner of the Labor Department, said that long-term care is inseparable from the topic of foreign caretakers. Foreign caretakers are the most frequent caregivers who accompany by their elders. This exhibition also presents life notes of long-term family members, so that the public can also understand the nature of care giving, from daily life, accompanying illness, feeding, and more. People have to learn to face issues of care giving and how to cooperate properly with foreign caretakers so that their elders can receive better care.
Poster for the migrant workers and families exhibition
This online exhibition will also present a compilation of our people’s poetry and essay creation-"The Alone Practice of Others" for the first time. From the perspective of our people, the mood of oneself or family and foreign caretakers will be profiled. These works serve as witness to the evolvement of the policy of migrant workers working in Taiwan over 20 years, and how it created certain impact on Taiwan’s cultural life. For example, spices and cuisines in Southeast Asia can be seen everywhere in the market. The images of foreign caretakers accompanying the elders to the end of life are also the personal experiences of many young writers. These experiences are all presented in their poetry creation.

In addition, Commissioner Chen also encourages the public to participate in the series of activities elaborately designed in this exhibition, including the well-known writer Zhang Manjuan elaborating on the difficulties of long-term progress and the journey of adapting to migration; the mental picture card workshop led by the Dream City Building, listening to the inner voices and emotions of the members and the foreign caretakers of the family; Teacher Wang Lilan would share foreign cultures and differences in life; and SUKADI SULADTRI, who was awarded the 2021 National Excellent Migrant Worker, share the secrets of her care taking practices in Taiwan for 13 years. All activities are held online, and people are able to take part in the activities at home. All the events are opened for online registration, and those interested are welcome to sign up.

The lives of people in the country and foreign caretakers are form short-lived intersections. For many families, foreign caretakers are not only viewed as close family members, but they are also responsible for care taking. It is hoped that foreign caretakers can be understood from different aspect and can be seen for their contribution to care taking by society, whereby they are able to work together with foreign caretakers, make well-arrangements for care taking work, and meet the challenging long-term family life together.

The website of the online exhibition is: [], and related event information is available on the website of the Taipei City Foreign and Disabled Labor Office and the "Hand in Hand at Taipei" Facebook fan page, or contact Ms. Zhan at 02-23381600 extension 4212.