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TBS High-Quality Programs Shortlisted for 3 Awards at GOLDEN BELL AWARDS 2021

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Post date:2021-08-30



The list of finalists for the 56th GOLDEN BELL AWARDS 2021 were announced on August 25. Programs on Taipei Broadcasting Station (TBS) have been shortlisted for three big awards, including the Host of Education and Culture Program Award, the Children’s Program Award and the Host of Children’s Program Award.

The GOLDEN BELL AWARDS is the highest honor for broadcasters. This year, a total of 856 entries have entered the competitions and competed for 26 awards. Among these, TBS has won three nominations. Both program awards and host awards were affirmed, including "Dream Republic" hosted by Zhang Qizhen (Maruko) which was shortlisted for both the Children's Program Award and the Host Award. "Yang Zhao Talks about Books" hosted by Yang Zhao was shortlisted for the host of Education and Cultural Program Award.
TBS Program host Maruko short-listed for this year’s Golden Bell Award.
TBS director Hu Shao-chien stated that it is the 60th anniversary of the radio station this year. Sixty-year of refinement is like crafting a fine piece of jade. With limited resources and manpower situation, the radio station will continue to invite high-quality hosts from all walks of life to produce and broadcast programs. The programs will not only bring more hope and warmth to the society, but will also continue to make TBS shine in every corner in the future.

Maruko, the host of the "Dream Republic" program, was shortlisted for the "Children's Program Host Award" in 2018. This year is her second time to be shortlisted, but the first time that she won the program award. She focuses on "New Immigrants Children as the principle." Through short radio skits, the program is able to open up windows of culture for kids and shed light upon their new immigrant mother’s heritage, exploring and learning about the festivals, cultures, and cuisines of different countries. The show seeks to produce more contents that are suitable for all children to listen, providing a more diverse perspective during the pandemic.
In addition to raising public awareness on new immigrants’ cultural issues, TBS also invests a lot of effort into education and culture. The "Yang Zhao Talks about Books" program features high-profile literary and cultural figure Yang Zhao. He shares his reading experience based on the literature of Taiwan and the world, humanities history, and also recommends book lists for listeners. This program adopts the perspective of "introducing books instead of commenting on books and reading for the audience" to select content suitable for reading. The show hopes to stimulate the willingness of the audience to read. Yang, with his rich, deep, and fascinating personality, was shortlisted for the second time as a host of educational and cultural programs.

The TBS broadcasts around the clock and produces high-quality programs every day, hoping to let the audience "hear the voice of Taipei" everywhere. Listeners are welcome to tune in to FM 93.1 or AM 1134. They can also access the official website of the Broadcasting Station ( or download the "Love Taipei" APP with mobile phones, clicking on "Taipei Broadcasting Station" and listening to the program content within 60 days on demand!