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Mayor Visits Songshan Ciyou Temple Ahead of Reopening

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Post date:2021-09-16



In compliance with the Level 3 COVID Alert, the Songshan Ciyou Temple have remained closed to visitors since May 15. As the current wave of the pandemic subsides, the management announced that the temple will reopen to the faithful starting September 7.
Mayor Visits Songshan Ciyou Temple Ahead of ReopeningMayor Ko Wen-je arrived at the temple on September 6 to inspect pandemic prevention measures put in place by the temple’s management. He also took the opportunity to pray for the well-being of residents amidst the COVID crisis.

Songshan Ciyou Temple’s Chairperson Chen Yu-feng stressed that its staff are well-prepared for the reopening. To protect the health of visitors, the temple implemented measures such as a single-direction route for those wishing to offer incense to the deities; flexible entry control based on actual crowd size, and contract-tracing registration.

The management also set up smart sensors which can automatically take temperature and identify if the individual is wearing face mask. There are also kiosks which integrates functions such as dry hand-washing, high-tech anti-bacteria cleaning, and germicidal UV lights to provide visitors with a safer environment.

The chairperson accompanied the mayor, Deputy Mayor Huang Shan-shan, and Civil Affairs Commissioner Lan Shih-tsung in attending a traditional blessings ceremony after a tour of the temple’s pandemic preventative measures.