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Taipei Lantern Festival to Kick-off Fantasy Journey in Bangka

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Post date:2021-12-17



The 2021 Taipei Lantern Festival will take place at Wanhua District between December 17 and 26. The event this year will incorporate both virtual and on-site aspects.
Taipei Lantern Festival to Kick-off Fantasy Journey in Bangka
Deputy Mayor Tsai Ping-kun remarked that since relocating the annual event to Taipei’s west district in 2017, the city government has made efforts to incorporate innovation into Taipei Lantern Festival. The reason for selecting Bangka as the venue is the community’s importance as the “New World” on the riverbank of Tamsui River 300 years ago. Th city government seeks to highlight the charm of traditional culture with cutting edge technology at the fiesta.
The top attraction at this year’s event is none other than the main lantern “NEW.” Unlike traditional lanterns, the advanced technology variant will be the first of its kind to “dance” on stage, performing a short, 3-minute-long gig before the audience. In addition, a projection show using nearby high risers as a screen will recount the history of Bangka to viewers through a series of visual images.
“NEW” is located at the plaza in front of Wanhua Train Station. The name, which is similar to the pronunciation of ‘cow’ in Chinese, represents the well-wishes for the year of Ox. Under the event’s head curator Akibo, the team consisting of experts across the fields of hardware and software are successful in pumping life into the “dancing” tech lantern, which measures 6 meters in height and 100 kilograms in weight.
The venue of this year’s lantern festival is divided into the Severn Colors Lantern Zone, the Eight Treasures Lantern Zone, and the New World Lantern Zone. The illumination spectacle at the parking building at Bangka Boulevard promises to attract the attention of passerby with its flare and extravagance. The spectacle is the result of a collaboration between multimedia artist Wang Yei-sheng and photographer Joshua Lin.
In compliance with pandemic prevention regulations, the lantern display zones and family-friendly areas require contact-tracing registration upon admission. Options for fast entry include scanning the venue QR Code with TaipeiPASS app or swiping an EasyCard that’s linked to a TaipeiPASS account at the gate.
For more information about the 2021 Taipei Lantern Festival, please visit the official Chinese website of the event: [Link]