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Mayor Speaks at 2021 Audio and Art Show Opening Event

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Post date:2021-12-20



The 2021 Taipei International Audio and Art Show kicked off at the Grand Hotel on December 16, with Mayor Ko Wen-je delivering the opening remarks. He praised Chairman Liao Chuan-ping of Taipei Electrical Commercial Association for his leadership in encouraging industry members to secure the opportunity presented by the growth in stay-at-home entertainment. The city government will continue to assist the industry in carrying out structural adjustments. This will make the organization more suited for efficient response and risk management to help members weather the uncertainties under the pandemic.
Mayor Speaks at 2021 Audio and Art Show Opening Event
The mayor noted that the association has served as a bridge between the public and private sectors. It also organizes numerous 3C, audio, and home appliance-related activities. An important trait of successful businesses is the devotion to expertise and dedication to achieve perfection, seen by the association’s effort in scaling up the events each year. This is the attitude that everyone should learn – giving it the best you can.
Ko remarked that this is the 42nd edition of the Taipei International Audio and Arts Show, making it the audio equipment show with the longest history in Taiwan. In addition to spotlighting the products of major audio brands from around the world, the exhibition also features exciting performances by orchestras and in-depth forums led by audio arts experts.
Citing the recent spread of the Omnicron variant across the globe, the mayor stressed that it is hard to predict how COVID-19 will evolve, but everyone should remain calm. There are two principles that we should keep in mind: “response” and “insurance.” In other words, we should maintain the current lifestyle and react accordingly to emergencies. If we adopt the strictest and safest approach, we may not be able to do anything else. For “insurance,” we need to incorporate the concept of risk management. As long as we adhere to the aforementioned principles, a lot of things will work out smoothly.
Citing Chairman Liao, Ko mentioned that there is a lot of opportunities presented by the growth of demand for stay-at-home entertainment in the post-pandemic world. This means that more people will buy audio systems to enjoy at home. Such trends give industry members a golden opportunity to expand the scope of their business.
The 4-day showcase at the Grand Hotel will last through December 19. The organizers have furnished over one hundred rooms with state-of-the-art audio equipment and works of art spanning painting, sculpture, and photography. Participants can also look forward to the various music performances and industry-related seminars as well.