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Red Maple Leaves: Now Live on Yangmingshan

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Post date:2022-04-18



Interested in catching a glimpse of red maples on Yangmingshan? Come and visit Qingshan Community in Shilin District! The time for red maple leaves lasts roughly from the end of spring to the beginning of summer.
Red Maple Leaves: Now Live on Yangmingshan
The sight of crimson foliage covering walkways at Qingshan Community is mesmerizing. The rows of maples were planted by local residents during the community’s early days. The offspring between Japanese maple (Acer palmatum) and Taiwan’s domestic breed (Acer serrulatum) produce red leaves twice a year – once in late April and once in early December.
Having just started, the red maple leaf season typically lasts between two to three weeks. Visitors can enjoy the spectacle at areas along Pingjing Street and Qingshan Road up through early May. There are also a number of unique restaurants and farms in the community for the entire family to visit.
Red Maple Leaves: Now Live on Yangmingshan
The Geotechnical Engineering Office suggests that visitors can take time to explore some of the scenic spots in the neighborhood, in addition to taking photos of the foliage. Following the wooden trail located on the side of Qingshan Road, visitors will find themselves ending up at the Maple Observation Deck which offers a great sight of the surrounding mountains. For those proceeding further down the trail, they will end up at Jingque Stream. The shaded trail leads travelers all the way to the source of the stream after a healthy hike surrounded by clean and fresh air.
Driving: Take Yangde Boulevard to Zhishan Road Section 3, Lane 71. Proceed along Pingjing Street until reaching Qingshan Road.
Public Transportation: Disembark at either MRT Jiantan Station or MRT Shilin Station. Take bus 303 and disembark at Guoxi bus stop.