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Smart Restrooms Installed at Longshan Temple Underground Mall

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Post date:2022-04-25



With the spread of COVID-19, Taiwan seeks to step up pandemic prevention efforts in every way it can. A place with high risk is public restroom. In the interest of minimizing the chance of contracting the disease and improving the quality of public restrooms, the city government collaborated with the Industrial Development Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs to implement the “Smart Public Restroom Tangible Service Solution” under the agency’s Smart City Taiwan Daily Life Application Subsidy Project.
Press conference announcing the Smart Restroom Project
The project is carried out by Tatung System Technologies Corporation and involves AI technology at its core with integration of Internet of Things (IoT) applications. It seeks to provide the public with hands-on experience of smart city, merging smart IoT technologies to achieve pandemic prevention.
The Smart Public Restroom project has selected Longshan Temple Underground Mall as the site of the pilot project. Given the large number of elderly population in the neighborhood, fall-detection sensors will be installed inside the smart restrooms to enhance safety. In the case of emergencies, the data will be transmitted automatically and the authority will be notified of incidents.
In addition, to minimize the chance of infection, toilet seats will be automatically disinfected after each use. The system will also monitor elements such as crowd flow, environmental cleanliness, and power conservation with the help of IoT technology.
Through the introduction of the smart restroom system, the mall’s management seeks overturn the stereotypical image of public restrooms. The inauguration ceremony touts the advantages of smart restrooms such as environmental friendliness and energy saving; user comfort; smart management; pandemic prevention; safety, and quality monitoring.