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2022 Zhuzihu Hydrangea Festival Kicks-off on May 20

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Post date:2022-05-23



With the hydrangeas on Yangmingshan entering bloom season, the city government announced that the 2022 Zhuzihu Hydrangea Festival will kick-off on May 20!
2022 Zhuzihu Hydrangea Festival Kicks-off on May 20
The first activity to take place is the “Pure Colors” music concert, which will last from 2 PM through 4 PM at Zhuzihu on May 20. All visitors need is an admission ticket to Datitian Eco Farm (NT$150, which also adds NT$100 credit for purchases), and they can enjoy an afternoon of live performances by artists such as flutist Lily and keyboard musician Wang Hsin-hsiung.
Visiting Zhuzihu in May and June to admire the hydrangeas has been very popular with visitors over the past five to six years. This year, the Department of Economic Development is working closely with Beitou Farmers’ Association to introduce numerous deals and bargains. Examples include a mini-tour of Zhuzihu hosted by the farmers’ association and a guided eco-tour of the locality. There are a variety of tour options offered by private tour companies as well.
2022 Zhuzihu Hydrangea Festival Kicks-off on May 20
The business owners in the neighborhood have come together and worked on landscape decorations to herald in the hydrangea season. While department stores in Shilin and Tianmu are not located at Zhuzihu, they also contribute to the festivities through store decorations spotlighting hydrangea.
The Zhuzihu area on Yangmingshan can be subdivided into three zones: “Xiahu (Lower Lake)”, “Dinghu (Top Lake)”, and “Donghu (East Lake)” areas. The area along Xiahu (also known as Calla Lily Boulevard) is where Datitian Eco Farm and several terraced fields are located. The flower-decorated mural of Cao House Garden is definitely a favorite for photographers – not to mention its excellent location for taking in the surrounding and the wide selection of dried flowers inside the store. The plots of flowers at Flower and Tree Hydrangea Garden is densely packed and comparable to a jungle of flowers. Ko’s Hydrangea Garden No. 2 and Yingchunpu Garden are great places to take photos of the sea of hydrangea, thanks to the open and wide surrounding.
2022 Zhuzihu Hydrangea Festival Kicks-off on May 20
For more information on traffic and bloom conditions at Zhuzihu, please visit the Chinese activity website ([Link]). Visitors are reminded to take the flower season shuttle and adopt pandemic prevention measures such as wearing face mask and maintaining hand hygiene.