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Taipei Parks Claim International Landscape Award

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Post date:2022-09-21



The International Federation of Landscape Architects (IFLA) published the list of winners of the 2022 IFLA AAPME (Africa Asia Pacific Middle East) Awards on August 30.
Taipei Parks Claim International Landscape Award 
From among 318 submissions, three projects submitted by the Parks and Street Lights Office (PSLO) of the Public Works Department were recognized in multiple categories. The three projects are respectively “Connecting Past to Present – Transformation of the Tianmu Park,” “Green Coexistence Brings Harmony – Songrong Park,” and “Green Infrastructure – Xinhai Ecological Park.”
The Tianmu Park project, which won the award in the “Social and Community Health” category, involves the overhaul of the park which is over 60 years old. In addition to integrating activity spaces, freeing up green plots, and improving water retention capabilities of the park, the agency also took the opportunity to optimize park facilities and illumination. It also built the first parkour training ground in Taipei City. On the other hand, PSLO also preserved several park monuments which dated back for over 50 years.
Likewise claiming honors in the “Social and Community Health” category, Songrong Park sets an example for community cohesiveness enhancement by integrating public participation in the planning stage. Through input from experts, NGOs and community residents, the park’s renovation effort preserves much of the greens and removed unnecessary facilities. The renovated park creates a landscape that resonates with the Datun Mountains, which is visible in the far horizon.
Recognized under the award’s “Economic Vitality” category, Xinhai Ecological Park is located on the former site of the Xingde Borough Barracks. Emphasizing the concept of a “Healing and Healthy Urban Forest,” PSLO revamped the pavements within the park’s parameters, allowing the soil to “breath.” It also implemented mechanisms that allows the facility to better adapt to climate changes, as well as reinforcing the existing underground flood detention pool and expanding walking trails.