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Trench Bridge Revamped at Guting Riverside Park

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Post date:2022-11-07



The Hydraulic Engineering Office (HEO) announced that it has completed the construction of the new No. 5 trench bridge along the cycling trail at Guting Riverside Park. The new crossing not only boasts a wider width, but also better lane layout. 

The Public Works Section of HEO – the unit responsible for the construction – pointed out that the annual maintenance inspection found the bridge structure being highly susceptible to earthquakes due to its age. There were also reports of high bicycle collision risks due to the obstructed view at the turn. 
Trench Bridge Revamped at Guting Riverside Park
To correct these issues, HEO decided to replace the original trench bridge with a new one. Located roughly 6 meters away from the old bridge, the new trench bridge is 12 meters long and 6 meters wide. It also sports a frame made from reinforced concrete.

The new Guting No. 5 Trench bridge complies with the latest seismic codes. The redesigned lanes also make the bicycle trail a lot safer for cyclists.

The Guting Riverside Park is located along Xindian River. The park contains facilities such as a basketball court; an observation deck next to the cycling trail; a tennis court; public artworks for wedding photo shoots; a dog park area; a rollerblade rink, and multi-sports venues.