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Electric Scooter Purchase Subsidy Campaign to Conclude at Year’s End

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Post date:2022-11-07



To encourage the replacement of old scooters with electric versions, Taipei City Government works in line with the central government’s policy to introduce the Electric Scooter Bravo Subsidy Campaign. The deadline for applications is January 10, 2023.

According to the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), citizens of Taipei who either replace their old scooter with electric scooter or purchase a new electric scooter between January 1 and December 31 of 2022 can enjoy an additional NT$8,000 “Bravo Subsidy.” This is in addition to the original subsidies for purchasing electric scooters. 
Electric Scooter Purchase Subsidy Campaign to Conclude at Year’s End
The agency reminds individuals planning to take advantage of the Bravo Subsidy to complete necessary processes for scrapping, elimination, purchase, and license plate acquisition before filing the application by the deadline on January 10, 2023. Due to the limited quota of subsidies, people interested should apply as soon as possible. For details, please check the subsidy campaign website (Chinese) [Link].

Statistics between January and September of 2022 indicate that roughly 25.1% of newly sold motorcycles and scooters in Taipei City are electric vehicles. This achievement places Taipei City in first place and ahead of all other municipalities in Taiwan.

In addition to the Bravo Subsidy for electric scooters, the Department of Transportation is also promoting the electric vehicle policy by making the overall environment more EV-friendly. As of September 2022, the city government has 282 charging stations up and working. The current density of charging station in Taipei is roughly one station per square kilometer.

Local electric scooter owners enjoy four major benefits including the waiving of both fuel tax and vehicle license plate tax, as well as free access to public recharging station and roadside parking spaces/off-street parking lots under the Parking Management and Development Office.