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Giraffe Calf Mai Meng Charms Zoo Keepers, Explores Outdoor Surroundings

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Post date:2022-12-02



In August of 2022, a newborn was added to the list of denizens in Taipei Zoo’s African Animal Area. Today, the 3-month-old female giraffe calf Mai Meng is now a toddler weighing 156 kilograms!
Giraffe Calf Mai Meng Charms Zoo Keepers, Explores Outdoor Surroundings
With zoo keepers carefully monitoring her growth, Mai Meng had her first chance to roam the outdoor area. Grazing in the open-air terrain is an eye-opening experience for the young giraffe. Despite the downpour on her first day outdoors, Mai Meng did not hesitate to explore her new home and enjoy her meal which was placed inside a basket.

Sharing a room with the zebra Ling Long, she at first seems hesitant and kept her distance. Despite behaving defensively with actions such as raising her front hoofs in a threatening manner, Mai Meng cannot hold her curiosity and moved closed to the zebra to take in its smell. Ling Long, on the other hand, is always curious of the taller roommate. A number of visitors reported that the two were having a great time chasing after each other. 

Taiwan’s climate is a lot more humid than Africa, which is the natural habitat of giraffes. The giraffe newborn faces the risk of hypothermia, forcing zookeepers to maintain vigilant watch over the conditions of the calf and take actions when necessary. They keep track of details such as whether breast-feeding was successful, whether there are mobility issues, whether the calf was able to interact positively with other zoo denizens, and more.

In the future, the experts will continue to assess if Mai Meng can continue to graze outdoors depending on factors such as climate, temperature, and physiological state. Those who stop by the African Animal Area can try their luck and see if they can spot Mai Meng in the middle of action.