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Mayor Attends Opening of 2023 Neihu LOHAS Night Cherry Blossom Festival

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Post date:2023-02-06



In the evening of February 3, Mayor Chiang Wan-an presided over the opening ceremony of the 2023 Neihu LOHAS Night Cherry Blossom Festival. During his address, he welcomed the audience to the park and is happy for the chance to take part in the ceremony. Lasting through February 28, the festival will also coincide with Valentine’s Day. He urges lovers and couples to visit the park and enjoy the beauty of the cherry blossoms under the moonlight. 
Mayor Attends Opening of 2023 Neihu LOHAS Night Cherry Blossom Festival
Chiang remarked that this year marks the sixth edition of the Neihu Night Cherry Blossom Festival. In the past, the area around Neighou River tended to overflow following heavy rainfall. After dredging and overhaul, the riverbank is now a LOHAS Park for members of the local community and visitors. He expressed his gratitude to the hard works of city councilors, borough chiefs, and city workers for making the hanami (flower-viewing) event possible.

Noting that there are numerous flower season-related events taking place across the city, the mayor pointed out that the festival at LOHAS Park has been a different kind since 2018. The Neihu event takes place at night and features over 300 trees lining the bank of Neighou River. These trees include cherry blossom types spanning Yae Sakura to Showa Sakura. 

The mayor stressed that the sight of the blooming flowers is very beautiful and he cannot wait to come here again with his wife to enjoy the cherry blossoms. He joked that it might get a little too romantic for him and his wife, significantly increasing the chance of a fourth kid. Nonetheless, he invited the public to come and take in the amazing views of sakura flowers by moonlight.

During his speech, the mayor also mentioned the 2023 Taiwan Lantern Festival is taking place in Taipei, as well as at the lantern zones across all 12 administrative districts. For those visiting Neihu for the flower-viewing event, they are encouraged to stop by Dagangqian Park to admire the lantern displays at night. He expressed his gratitude to the borough chiefs and city councilors for coming up with the plans of highlighting the beauty of Neihu to visitors.