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City Releases Multilingual Guide on Top 100 Snacks

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Post date:2016-11-09



City Releases Multilingual Guide on Top 100 Snacks
City Releases Multilingual Guide on Top 100 Snacks
Having a headache introducing Taiwanese snacks to foreign visitors? Now there’s a cure!
The Department of Information and Tourism (TPEDOIT) has published the “Multilingual Menu of One Hundred Foods,” providing multilingual information on a selection of 100 local delicacies.
Snack introduction includes the name of the entree, a picture, ingredients and condiments. The information comes in Chinese, English, Japanese, and Korean. Gourmet Jiao Tong took part in the project, helping with reviews and editing menu content.
The online menu has been launched to time with the upcoming 2017 Taipei Universiade, when the city is set to host a great number of athletes and visitors from around the world. With a clear categorization of entrees, restaurants and stores alike will find the publication handy when receiving international customers.
The top 100 list comprises some of the most popular delicacies characteristic of Taiwanese cuisine, including xiaolongbao, braised pork on rice, fried cuttlefish soup, oyster omelette, pearl milk tea, Taiwanese meatballs, and more.
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Source: Department of Information Technology, Taipei City Government