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2016 Yangmingshan Chinese Yam Season

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Post date:2016-11-28



2016 Yangmingshan Chinese Yam Season

2016 Yangmingshan Chinese Yam Season
This year, there will be one-day tours to Chinese yam fields, Chinese Yam Showcase Sales Event and Chinese Yam Feast. The opening ceremony takes place on November 19th. Fresh Chinese yams directly shipped from the producing fields and many other agricultural products will be displayed and offered for sale. During the showcase sales event, visitors can engage in fun games for a chance to win Chinese yam related gifts!

2016 Yangmingshan Chinese Yam Season
The harvest season of Yangmingshan Chinese yams begins from November to April in the following year. Other than fresh Chinese yams, the Farmers’ Association in Shilin District has also come up with unique yam-themed souvenirs and gifts. There are four species of Chinese yam in Yangmingshan, all of which are abundant in slime that is rich in proteoglycan and digestive enzymes. The highly nutritious Yangmingsha yams are selling like hotcakes among Chinese yam lovers. Hurry to buy some delicious yams before they are all sold out!