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Flower Haven at Yanping Riverside Park

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Post date:2017-01-05



Flower Haven at Yanping Riverside Park

With the good weather expecting to last until this Saturday, the Hydraulic Engineering Office (HEO) encourages the public to take advantage of the sunshine and visit the riverside park to enjoy the great outdoors.According to HEO, the flower season is expected to last until the end of February. The agency invites the public to drop by the riverside park at the beginning of spring season to relax in a field of blooming flowers or to enjoy an afternoon on their bicycle traveling along the cycling route.River Administration Section Chief Yu Pai-sung noted that the agency has been planting different varieties of flowers along the Dunhuang Wharf. Additional flowers will be planted this year, creating a landscape piece comprising 72,000 pots of plants.

Notable flowers include mealy sage, red-sage, and wax begonia. The flower scene is located right below the Dihua levee pedestrian crossing and observation deck. The facility is conveniently located right next to a parking lot and a bicycle rental station. Other landmarks in the vicinity of the Dadaocheng wharf include Dihua Street Commercial District, Yongle Market, Ningxia Night Market, and Xiahai City God Temple.Directions to Dunhuang WharfMRT: Disembark at MRT Shuanglian Station and walk to the end of Minsheng West Road. Enter the riverside area via Dadaocheng Wharf and proceed north.Bus: (1) Take bus route 9, 206, 274, 641, 669, or 704 and disembark at Dadaocheng Wharf stop.(2) Take bus route 255, 518, or 539 and disembark at Minsheng W. Road Entrance stop.