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Zhuzihu Community Prepares for Upcoming Calla Lily Season

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Post date:2017-03-03


Press bureau:Department of Information Technology


Zhuzihu Community Prepares for Upcoming Calla Lily Season

In light of the upcoming Zhuzihu Calla Lily Festival, the Geotechnical Engineering Office (GEO) reminded the public to take public transportation to the area to minimize impact on local traffic and maximize their enjoyment at the beautiful tourist attraction sporting blooming calla lilies on Yangmingshan.GEO recommends to starting the hike at Dinghu, which offers an amazing view of the smoky Xiaoyoukeng. From there, visitors can enjoy a walk on the Dinghu Circular Trail and try out the brand-new Yangming Creek Creekside Trail as well. In addition, there are also facilities such as the circular trail for both pedestrians and cyclists along Qixing Mountain, the Calla Lily Circular Creekside Trail in the vicinity of Xiahu, and the Lake-bottom Circular Trail spanning several hundred meters at the base of the “lake.” The Zhuzihu community has also received top honors from LivCom in the area of “Liveable Communities.”

According to Chief Tsao Chang-cheng of Hutian Borough, Zhuzihu is part of the Datun Mountain Range and boasts great weather across the year. The community neighbors astounding volcanic landscape, which is further enhanced by its diverse animal and plant population.

The community has worked closely with the city government in arranging events such as the Calla Lily Festival, Hydrangea Festival, and Sunflower Festival.Directions: Take the Red Line to MRT Beitou Station and transfer to Bus S9, or take the Red Line to MRT Shipai Station and transfer to Bus S8. Visitors can also take public buses 108, 109, 110, 230, 260, or R5 to Yangmingshan Terminal and transfer to Bus S9. For those taking either Bus S8 or S9, disembark at either Hutian Elementary School bus stop or Zhuzihu bus stop.