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TAIPEI Quarterly 2020 Spring Vol.19

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Post date:2020-03-10


TAIPEI #19 (2020 Spring)

Notes from a Taipei Spring

Spring has sprung in Taipei, a time of constant change and renewal. For this issue,
celebrating the fairest of all seasons in the Taiwanese capital, we here at TAIPEI are
showcasing the rich diversity of our city, a quality that can be experienced in innumerableways by those who pass through our quaint back alleys and bustling thoroughfares.

For the travel section, we’ve designed five specially-themed tours curated to let you
experience Taipei in several different ways. With themes like food, outdoors, relaxing,
LGBTQ-friendly, and culture, visitors can appreciate this unique place from a myriad
of perspectives. For flower afficionados, the spread on flower viewing in spring —
prime time for those who like to literally stop and smell the azaleas (or calla lilies and
hydrangeas) — is your guide to the best gardens, mountainside vistas, and parks for
experiencing the floral magic of Taipei. For cyclists, we present a few different bike toursthat will have you checking out the different districts on two wheels. Retail therapy fans,take warning — our feature on shopping in the glitzy East District may test your creditcard limit.

Spring is also the season of religious festivals, when the many temples of Taipei abound with the joy of polytheistic revelry, and we’ve got your guide to a few of the main godly shindigs happening around town. Moreover, traditional acrobatic performances are often a big part of those celebrations, so we also sat down with some key figures from the Taiwan Acrobatic Troupe to get a behind-the-scenes look at how this storied artform continues to amaze in modern times.

Diversity in Taipei also means fostering an inclusive society, where people from around the world of any race, faith, and sexual orientation feel completely at home and at ease. TAIPEI spoke with NGOs working toward achieving such an environment for the tens of thousands of Southeast Asian migrant workers in the capital, an Imam who has witnessed the history of the Islamic faith in the capital, and a loving couple, two dads, who recently celebrated the first anniversary of the legalization of same-sex marriage in Taiwan.

And finally, everyone knows Taipei is a paradise for food and drink lovers. So, we’ve put together a roundup of the best and brightest from the beverage scene, above and beyond the usual bubble tea. What’s more, we’ve secured the services of a renowned chef, who will provide all the culinary secrets to success in making some of Taiwan’s most treasured dishes — featuring spring ingredients, of course! Bon appetit, and welcome to spring!

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