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TAIPEI Summer 2019 Vol.16

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Post date:2019-06-10


Notes from a Taipei Summer

Taipei is a paradise for foodies. This one-time well-kept secret of the travelers’ world is quickly becoming a secret no more. From seasoned globetrotters to highly regarded voices of the food scene, the word has gone out and it has spread both far and wide: from street-side snacks to fine dining, Taipei is a top-notch culinary destination. 

The vaunted Michelin Guide (that of Michelin star fame) too has taken notice of Taipei’s many mouth-watering delicacies. This esteemed publication — the holy book of food lovers worldwide — has seen fit to include a multitude of Taipei establishments within the pages of the 2019 edition, and who’s better to serve as your guide to these purveyors of the delectable than Joan H., best known by her online handle and blog @hungryintaipei. In this issue, she serves up nine Taipei eateries lauded in this year’s Michelin Guide. 

On board as well to take you on a one-of-a-kind food tour with a unique outsider’s insider perspective in this issue is YouTube Star Ku of Ku’s Dream. The well-heeled Frenchman moved to Taipei in part due to his intense passion for Taiwanese food, and his love for everything from night market snacks to the city’s 24-hour food culture shines in the pages to come. 

And speaking of night markets, 24 of Taipei’s street stall specialties were featured in the Michelin Guide Taipei 2019 as Bib Gourmand selections. TAIPEI gives you an inside look at each of these buzz-worthy treats, and talks to the chefs behind the street food magic. 
A pair of summertime Taiwan traditions are on the horizon as well. Ghost Month and Qixi (Chinese Valentine’s Day) are just around the corner. When it comes to Ghost Month, there are some definite dos and don’ts. As for Qixi, if you’re looking for Mr. or Mrs. Right, there are some protocols to follow when visiting temples and praying to Yue Lao, Taiwan’s patron god of lovers. In both cases, let TAIPEI serve as your cultural guide. 

No matter what your reason is for visiting Taipei, you will find it is a city that welcomes people of all backgrounds and has something to cater to most any niche you can name. From food to culture, Taipei is a place that never fails to amaze, and as the mercury rises, so too does the capital’s reputation as a hot destination.

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