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TAIPEI Spring 2019 Vol.15

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Notes from a Taipei Spring 

Spring is an exciting time in Taipei, a season when the cool, wet weather of winter subsides, and the sun emerges once again to bless the city with a renewed spirit of life and creativity. The change in energy is evident in the air, floating on the breeze like the scent of azaleas, calla lilies and hydrangeas drifting from the city center to the slopes of Yangmingshan. 

Thanks to its beautiful scenery and convenient transportation, locals and tourists alike can easily enjoy the many splendors of the spring season in Taipei. At this time, numerous activities are held by Taipei City Government and the private sector, such as the Taipei Azalea Festival, to welcome tourists from around the world to experience the joy of blossoming flowers. 

Flowers are of course the best medium to express affection, but they can also be used to decorate your home and elevate your mood. In this issue, TAIPEI introduces the unique flower etiquette of Taiwan, and will also teach you the secrets of flower decoration to make your home a place of beauty and divine fragrances. 

In addition, from April to June, the Baosheng Cultural Festival is grandly presented in Taipei. We have invited experts to introduce Taiwanese culture and this charming festival, another hallmark of spring. 

And of course, spring is a time to try new things. In this issue, TAIPEI invites you to restaurants that abound with fresh ingredients sprouting in urban gardens and farms in the surrounding hills, from edible blossoms to Japanese wagashi, breathing new life into all varieties of cuisine found throughout the diverse cityscape of Taipei. This is also a city steeped in the culture and art of tea drinking, allowing tourist to enjoy the delicacy of a cup of good Taiwanese tea. 

Spring is indeed a time for celebrating. What better place for it than a city that seems to exemplify the essence of spring itself?