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TAIPEI Summer 2018 Vol.12

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Enjoy Gourmet Cuisine in Taipei!

Published for over a century, Michelin Guide, the “Gourmet Bible” in the eyes of most foodies, finally added Taipei City to its list this year – the 30th city where Michelin stars shine. 

What impresses tourists the most here is the food – in addition to the friendly Taiwanese people, of course! The 2018 Michelin Guide Taipei introduces Taipei as a city with a variety of vibrant cuisines, beckoning tourists from all over the world. Foreign visitors now have a gourmet guide, so they can “savor” Taipei in different ways.

This issue of TAIPEI introduces 20 Michelin-starred restaurants and 36 budget eateries recommended by Bib Gourmand. Delicacies from the Taiwanese, Cantonese, Japanese and French cuisines are ready to tickle your taste buds. You’ll even discover some exciting new night market food! Drawing on the abundance of local ingredients, the chefs of this city are using their creativity and delicate culinary skills to make unique gourmet food and establishing Taipei as the quintessence of global cuisine. Taipei has a rich and profound gourmet culture that is worth taking time to savor. 

But there’s more fun than just food! This issue also introduces six traveling routes over different areas of the city. Follow us, taking photos and checking in on social media as you enjoy a taste of hipster or retro culture, and experience the current trends and natural scenery of Taipei City. 

When the neon lights come on in the evening, don’t miss all the specialty bars and pubs this city has to offer. Craft beer has really caught people’s attention in recent years, and, as a trendy city, Taipei has shown its creativity in coming up with cool alcohol beverages and places where one can enjoy them. Come experience Taipei’s special drinking culture! 

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