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TAIPEI Winter 2017 Vol.10

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Come to Town and have Fun!

Looking for Delicacies; Rediscovering Customs and Traditions

Taipei has thousands of attractions to keep people lingering. In this issue of Taipei, we’ll help you explore the multiple cultural and historical developments of this city. 

Dadaocheng is the starting point for Taiwan’s modernism, and the cradle of its new cultural movement. is is the place where modern ne arts, music, literature, plays, songs, and cinemas arose, and all kinds of entertainment blossomed. 

With government projects, such as Building Renovation, the URS (Urban Regeneration Station), the Datong Regeneration Project and the Community Planning Workshop, the new and the old have introduced energy and creativity into people’s houses, spaces and lives, uniting the whole community. Civic power is something you can never underestimate; the diverse arts and culture shops and experimental spaces just keep your eyes busy day and night! 

The blowing winter winds cool down the earth; it’s a season for craving delicacies again. In addition to salty and sweet food, authentic specialties, and classic dishes at Jiancheng Circle and Yansan Night Market, there are also such delights as Hakka bantiao, pork knuckle, oily chicken, and Hakka stir-fry waiting for your taste buds. And you won’t want to miss mountain and sea favorites from the native tribal villages, such as mountain vegetables, boar, and wild magao.

Besides the culinary feast, Taipei has cultural fruits from a variety of places just waiting for harvest. Emerging from an aboriginal tradition, wasted betel nut leaves are being transformed into everyday articles with a unique style, giving betel nuts a brand new meaning. From the traditional bright red oral variety to the simple and refreshing retro patterns, Taiwanese oral cloth, infused with Taiwan’s ecology and life imagery, still maintains its charms at Yongle Market. 

When eastern and western philosophies of the arts meet, what kind of creation will result? U.S.-based Muslim artist Manli Chao employs a sophisticated technique and a unique sense of aesthetics to create works of abstract style that are both tranquil and elegant. Born in Dadaocheng, Kuo Hsueh Hu contributed enormously to the development of ne arts and talents in Taiwan. Taipei City Government is now holding an exhibit displaying several reproductions of Kuo’s paintings, as well as related historical photos, and the painting tools he employed. e accompanying interactive multimedia will allow people to enter the glorious world of Dadaocheng in Kuo’s paintings. is winter, Taipei’s abundant gourmet food and culture will not only warm your stomach, but satisfy your heart as well!