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DISCOVER TAIPEI Summer 2015 Vol.107

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Taipei's Transformation Into a LOHAS City

The bright sun of summer is ready to shine on Taipei! At Discover Taipei, we will also continue to illuminate the beauty of this city. Under the leadership of Taipei Mayor Wen-je Ko, the Department of Information and Tourism, Taipei City Government has developed a short-term policy goal referred to as Tourism ABC. "A" refers to the apps that make tourism more convenient and friendly, "B" refers to the bus services that make it possible to explore attractions across the city, and "C" refers to culture, in particular the widespread sharing of 

culture among the people of the city. Together, these measures can contribute to meaningful travel memories.

Taipei is feverishly preparing to host the 2017 Universiade. When the torch relay for July's Gwangju Universiade arrived in Taipei on May 22nd, it was warmly greeted by a pair of top athletes who served as torchbearers: weightlifter Kuo Hsing-chun and sprinter Hank Yang.

For readers interested in learning more about Taipei's history, this issue's cover story offers an excellent start by introducing the city's old homes. It explores the century-old Japanese-style hot springs hotels of Beitou, the old U.S. military dormitories at Yangmingshan Shanzaihou, the old homes of Dihua Street neighborhood, and Bangka's Xinfu Market. At each location, a combination of restoration and cultural creativity shows visitors how an old setting can be renewed.

At one time or another, every visitor to Taipei asks what there is to do. We introduce a list of 10 hiking trails on the outskirts of the city that are useful for "battling the bulge." Included are well-maintained family-friendly hiking trails at Zhinan Temple, Mt. Qixing, Mt. Wuzhi, and Mt. Jinmianshan, each offering the chance for relaxation and the shedding of excess pounds. In an old section of the city we recommend a tour that includes a typographer, the Museum of Contemporary Art, and small streets and alleys. As you leisurely examine the lifestyles of the masses you can also experience the aesthetic aspects of Taipei. Famed musician Chang Chenchieh shows how to explore Taipei through the five senses and the opening of your heart.

Taipei continues to transform as it moves toward a better future. It blends the old and new in culture, food, and living to spark new ideas and a new urban elegance. We sincerely welcome you to experience the city's unique happiness and beauty firsthand.