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DISCOVER TAIPEI Nov/Dec 2014 Vol.104

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Get Hitched – In Taipei!

The Taiwanese have an expression: “Money or no money, getting married makes it a good 

year.” We end this year with a special “Get Hitched – In Taipei!” theme, introducing Taiwan’s special wedding customs, touring the internationally known Taipei Wedding Street, and visiting the city’s most popular wedding-photo shoot locations. The rich, diverse local “wedding cul-ture” will be your guide to the air of joy and romance that settles over Taipei this season.

At year’s end, what surprises does this city have in store? The new Taipei Children’s Amuse-ment Park is scheduled to open, stuffed to bursting with entertainments that will make children feel they are in kiddie heaven. Recently announced are the winners of the city’s Creative Typ-ology of Taipei House Awards, a splendid showcase of the systematic local transformation of old architecture that is going on, giving old structures new life and function. The new MRT Song-shan Line is also set to open, and we feature a tour of the attractive public art to be seen in the line’s stations, along with tips on good eating spots nearby and the best scenic sights that will make a metro tour along this line even more rewarding.

In our In-Depth City Culture Explorations section we take an in-depth look at the classical art of book binding, with a special display of the classical “dragon scale” binding used in the city’s bid book that helped it win World Design Capital 2016 designation. The ancient and modern in combination create a work of distinguished, one-of-a-kind book-binding art.

In this month’s Taipei’s Best Foods & Gifts edition we offer an introduction to four popular 

late-night eateries, each with its own unique personality, that are grand spots to hit with friends and family after taking in the city’s lively New Year’s Eve celebrations. Each is a fine place to welcome in the New Year with warming character and fine food. We also introduce nostalgic heritage shops that are now run by younger generations keen on crafting fresh new looks for their much-loved old brands.

With a new year about to dawn, why not create a new style and image for yourself? Taipei 

is home to many stylish and inexpensive professional hair salons, so why not drop in at one on a Taipei trip and have a fresh new look as you stride into another new year.