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DISCOVER TAIPEI Mar/Apr 2014 Vol.100

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Traveling Through Time and Space

Celebrating the 130th Anniversary of the Founding of Taipei City

Taipei is 130 years old, and this March-April edition is Discover Taipei’s 100th! In this season filled with symbolism and meaning, we have a special time and space travel theme, celebrating the 130th anniversary of the city’s founding by exploring its history and culture, different neighborhood personalities, and the life of everyday folk. We tell you the story of old Taipei, and show the many faces of today’s city. Traveling between the past and the modern day, you will get a good feel for both the city’s growth and its future direction.

Everybody loves babies, and one Taipei baby in particular is beyond popular. She is a giant panda, her name is Yuan Zai, and she is graciously receiving visitors at the Taipei Zoo. In our Taipei New Images section, we take you on a visit to learn all about this child star, and take advantage of the occasion to introduce you to the zoo’s various other adorable animal babies. On another front, an army of 1,600 giant pandas and 200 Formosan black bears is to be found encamped in the main plaza before National Theater Concert Hall. They are paper sculptures, and form a rare and entertaining sight indeed.

If the paper army filled you with a sense of pleasant wonder, head right over to our In-Depth City Culture Explorations section for an exploration of Taipei’s culture of paper arts. You will learn about the art of papermaking, and get to make some yourself. In our Taipei’s Best Foods & Gifts section, we greet the new spring by introducing you to the best in seasonal light foods and snacks, and to the stories of Taipei traditional and creative original souvenir brands. However, experiencing the special character of the Taipei spring solely through your taste buds would be a pity, so head up to Yangmingshan with us to enjoy its flower season. We have mapped out a detailed itinerary for you, from which unforgettable Taipei-spring memories are sure to bloom.

For a taste of Taipei’s design and artistic energy, spend time at the Designers Collection Exhibition at Songshan Cultural and Creative Park, seeing what treasures leading figures in Taiwan design have in their personal collections. Also, take in the Telling Details: Photorealism in Taiwan exhibition at the Taipei Fine Arts Museum, admiring how artists seek to paint a reality perhaps even more perfect than “real” on their canvases. Many foreigners feel that each Chinese character is like an individual painting, and if you visit the Double Happiness! Cultural and Creative Exhibition at the National Museum of History, you will learn all about the unique meaning of the “囍” character and how it has been used since ancient times.

This spring, come meet the Taipei of old, and explore its links with the prosperous, pulsating metropolis of today. Celebrate our happy 130th with a journey through time and space savoring the unique beauties of our food, our art, and our design.