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TAIPEI Summer 2020 Vol.20

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We’re a fortunate bunch, those of us who call Taipei home. Though the capital is every bit a sprawling, urban metropolis, it somehow retains the spirit of a family-friendly little burgh. From the public transportation network allowing quick and easy travel to every corner of the city, to kid-friendly restaurants, to everyday life itself, there’s hardly anywhere you can’t take the whole gang. And for this family-themed issue, we could think of no one better than popular blogger Kathy Cheng (Tricky Taipei) to share her top picks for family-oriented activities in our beloved hometown (or home away from home, as the case may be).

Also, in case it wasn’t obvious enough from the heat, summer is here! Some may be scrambling for anywhere with air conditioning, but why limit yourself to the indoors when there is so much to do outside? From temple visits to tea tastings, and parks to museums, we’ve got family-fun day trips for days in the pages ahead, leaving the adults spiritually satisfied, and the kids wonderfully spent.

Summer doesn’t just mean skyrocketing temperatures. It also means it’s time for one of the most visually spectacular and gastronomically fulfilling holidays of the year — Dragon Boat Festival. Not only is this the time to watch the dramatic and colorful dragon boat races, but it’s also the holiday when one of Taiwan’s most beloved treats, zongzi, or sticky rice dumplings, are enjoyed by the ton. Also, speaking of things enjoyed by many, why not check out our feature on Taiwan’s traditional toys? Whether you’re looking to try out the diabolo, or wanting to try your hand at making your own D.I.Y. bamboo gun, this informative and fun-filled piece is for you.

During this season of family togetherness (the kids are out of school, after all), it’s a great time to be reminded that there are many in Taipei for whom family is their highest priority. We’ve spent the lead-up to the hottest months of the year getting to know some of the hottest trendsetters when it comes to fashion, literature, and traditional folk arts. We’ll bring their stories of how family has influenced them in their varied pursuits to you in our features on Maison Temps-Rêves, a store specializing in picture books, the Shadow Legends Drama Group, who keep the tradition of shadow puppetry alive, and Ángeles Studio and Shop, a boutique with one-of-a-kind designs for children (and parents) of all tastes and types.

All this running around the city will no doubt work up an appetite. Whether you’re a true gourmand or just looking for something the kids won’t turn up their noses at, flip through to our story on Taipei’s best family-friendly restaurants, places where the food is fresh, activities for the kids are aplenty, and the prices are more than fair. Be sure to leave room for dessert, too, as our guide to the top desserts of the summer season will leave you salivating.

So, as you can see, Taipei is a city that welcomes visitors of all ages. And whether you’re a kid, or just a kid at heart, this is a place that will always take you in with open arms.