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Shanghai Longji Restaurant 上海隆記菜館

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No.1, Lane 101, Yanping S. Rd., Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City Taiwan, R.O.C


Shanhai Longji Restaurant is one of the oldest Shanhai style Chinese restaurants in Taipei; for over half a century, Longji never changed their recipe or taste, even the Chef. This kind of Shanhai style cuisine was originated from small food stands behind the main streets, and Longji keeps this way of "food stand" until now. So there are 20 more appetizer style dishes available to choose in Longji’s food stand besides Longji’s main specialities like "Pork-Seafood in Casserole" and so on. So if you are looking for old fashioned Shanhai style cuisine, Longji will be the place.

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  • JAS H

    Xinbei, Taiwán

    Traveler type:

    En familia

    Traditional In Many Ways


    This restaurant has been in business for more than 60 years (1953), to be accurate. I’ve visited a few times over the past decade; and very little has changed in that time. Because of its long history, there are a lot of old timers. This kind of atmosphere makes for great people watching. Of course, many are watching the “foreigners” who know about this place. We were seated right next to downstairs prep station- not the best location to sit, but surely a cultural experience. The dumb waiter is a treasure which belongs in the Historical Museum. The din here is tremendous. The biggest problem this restaurant has is that its hot dish menu is still only in Chinese. (We asked, and it was confirmed by the serving staff.) Thus if you don’t have a Chinese reader or are not very good at knowing your Shanghai cuisine and communicating it in Chinese, you’re out of luck for the hot dishes. We had 3 hot dishes and 3 cold ones. Pea shoots with shrimp- I’m not keen on shrimp, but these were extremely fresh, tender, and salted just right. Served over the pea shoots it made a nice contrast in flavors that quite suited each other. Bok choy with dried mushrooms- the vegetables were a tad overcooked most likely because they were soaking in the sauce. Again the balance of flavors that is so crucial to great Chinese cooking was quite noticeable. There are two problems with this dish. The mushrooms are originally dried and then soaked to achieve the current texture. As such, it was a bit too chewy for one of our party. The biggest problem, however, was there was simply too much soy sauce in the sauce itself. This made it too salty for our tastes. Chicken, fried tofu, and mung bean noodle soup- The combination should have been excellent, but the chicken was added to the soup too late and therefore didn’t absorb the flavors. Thus it tasted like boiled chicken thrown into the pot of soup. The fried tofu was great and did absorb the flavors and was a nice juicy morsel to nibble on. Again the soup was over salted for our tastes. Outside of soy sauce, Chinese cuisine is not notoriously overly salty like most western food. Thus we were surprised at how salty this was. Our cold dishes were chosen from the display window facing the tiny alley. While the other reviews made a bit fun of this, it is truly classic China and stuck in this location makes you feel as if you are in some movie of decades gone by. We hope they never update this feature as classic should stay as long as it’s safe and hygienic. Both applied here. Baked mustard greens is one of their signature dishes. This vegetable is also inside of the very lightly fried rice. As it is a signature dish, it has never changed. It is also one dish that we have ordered every visit. The spiciness normally associated with these greens is not really noticeable to us. It doesn’t become a signature dish by accident. Another signature dish we had were the fish fillets. While they are a bit salty (soy sauce again), they are simply my favorite item at this restaurant. Even one person in our party who strongly dislikes fish was quite happy with this style. Something new this time was boiled broad beans. Unfortunately, this was the weakest dish. Although one person in our party liked the texture (firm; the shells are edible if you don’t mind not completely chewable items being swallowed), but the bland taste and lack of any recognizable flavor at all means it was my first and last try. I would have preferred the signature tofu dish instead. If you got this far then you know the signature dishes are those in that glass case. The other reviews mention service here. Service has never been a high priority. This is a utilitarian restaurant with senior servers (young folks couldn’t handle the pressure and compact nature of this place) “burning and turning” tables faster than you can imagine. They aren’t there to be gracious. They get the job done right and fast. We have never found them rude, simply very busy and “get the job done” kind of employees- nothing wrong with that. There isn’t much ambiance here other than the historical aspect. What you get is quite good food at a reasonable price. And it seems the place has become ever more popular; as we left we encountered a dozen folks out in the alley waiting for table. As far as we know, it’s first come, first serve. Cash only. This is one restaurant that hasn’t disappointed me over the years. Doing something right and consistently has its benefits. So either bring along a Chinese reader/speaker and get some dishes off the menu, or come without any Chinese and point to the dishes in the display window along with some rice. Either way, you’re sure to get a decent meal at a reasonable price and most likely be quite satisfied. You don’t stay in business this long doing things wrong or inconsistently.
  • pppbjisiskok

    Taipéi, Taiwán

    Mixed feeling - Good menu to keep, management lost in time


    It has been my frequently visited restaurant. The atmosphere has not changed for over 50 years. The cupboard displaying the appetizers is something probably only in the country side of China still maintains it. Menu is super, showing their inheritance to the Shanghai tradition. But I have to admit the cooking may be on its downhill, during my most recent visit. Service has not been kept up to the change of the market. I'd deeply hope some management to be applied, to make Long's to entice the public in a big way like other traditional restaurants making their way to top the TA list in Taipei.
  • IsabelTPE

    Taipéi, Taiwán

    Traveler type:

    Con amigos



    每次到中山堂看表演或電影必順道造訪的上海老字號菜館。 蔥燒鯽魚、炒鱔糊、豆皮包肉、燻魚、百頁雪菜.....許多小食和必點菜色,勾勒外省人在台北的生活日誌。 不敵店租和台北飲食/選擇多元化擠壓生存空間,這家吮指的上海菜館翊立數十年後,也吹熄燈號,可惜。 外省老菜館在北市又硬聲聲少了一家。 好幾次吃的經驗都很温暖。
  • TsunghanW4

    Traveler type:

    Con amigos



  • LydiaT716

    Traveler type:

    En familia




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