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Shanghai Shanghai 紅豆食府

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B2 F., No. 203, Sec. 2, Dunhua S. Rd., Da'an Dist., Taipei City Taiwan, R.O.C


When talking about Shanghai Shanghai, the name is not unfamiliar to Shanghai food connoisseurs in Taiwan. Since it was established in 1999, the house has been insisting on choosing on the best ingredients for cooking authentic Shanghai cuisine. Today, Shanghai Shanghai has seven branches located in the most popular shopping areas in Taiwan. Each branch is designed in a modern style with comfortable and elegant spatial planning, in order to provide guests with a classy but inexpensive multifaceted services and food.

At Shanghai Shanghai, food quality is a fastidious issue. Insisting on using premium fresh ingredients and the best cooking techniques, the house continuously creates new dishes to develop various popular house special dishes, such as the sweet and refreshing Stir Fried Shrimp with a natural flavor of freshness; the Stir Fried Peas with Diced Yunnan Ham made with peeled peas and diced Yunnan ham; the velvety Stewed Pork stewed with the house special sauce at low heat for a long time; the savory Sautee Crab with Glutinous Rice Cake made with quality bean paste; the crispy Deep Fried Fresh Bamboo Shoot made with seasonal fresh bamboo shoots and aged pickles; the handmade juicy Steamed Sponge Gourd Bun; and the house special Steamed Soft Heart made with choice sweet red date pulp and glutinous rice. Every dish has authentic Shanghai taste and is a classic of its kind. In fact, Shanghai Shanghai was rated as a Golden Restaurant from the Taipei, So Yummy 2010 organized by the TCG.


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Opening Hours

11 :30~14:30,17:30~21:30


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  • pstaib

    Taipéi, Taiwán

    Traveler type:

    En familia

    high quality every step


    what a great environment every time I go . Food is top quality and service is smiling and efficient . This is a great place to treat people and price is very reasonable.
  • Wmiao

    Belleville, Nueva Jersey

    also known as Red Bean Restaurant


    Ordered a 9 person banquet for family get together. However, portion size was so variable that often there was not sufficient for everyone to taste every dish. Service was excellent as well as the use of the private room area(s). Food quality was very good (except for the comment above).
  • madprofessor


    Traveler type:

    En pareja

    Good food and service


    We like this restaurant because authentic Shanghai food is hard to find now in Taiwan. We enjoy many dishes, such as the sweet dumplings, deep-fried bamboo shoots, chicken noodle soup, "vegetable rice," etc. Most of their dishes are tasty, even though sometimes some dishes may go wrong. Still the managers are willing to take customers' suggestions and re-evaluate their cooking. We believe it's a sign of their resolution to maintain qualities.
  • ShingChuan

    Taipéi, Taiwán

    Traveler type:

    En familia

    紅豆食府 令人驚艷


    第一次在紅豆食府用餐,家人喜歡吃烤鴨,點了一鴨三吃(片鴨、鴨骨湯、鴨鬆),由於現烤要等40分鐘,我們就先點其他小點來祭祭五臟廟,像是蘿蔔絲餅(2歲小孩愛吃極了)、蔥油餅(很難看到如此綠油油誠意十足的蔥花了),家人有茹素,也點了素蒸餃、酸辣羹湯,味道都很滿,酸辣羹湯就是要酸要辣,好喝! 40分鐘後,主廚現身展現片鴨,並和我們介紹這隻櫻桃鴨2.8斤,油油亮亮的外皮,主廚先把鴨皮的部分卸下來後,我們嗷嗷待哺的一行人一品嘗,驚豔!酥、脆、油脂分布的恰到好處,服務生提醒要包餅皮,其實單吃就好好吃,跟著餅皮包起來的蔥,蔥味十足! 隨後上的鴨鬆,因為烤鴨本身好吃,包在生菜裡面的鴨鬆還是有滿滿的香氣,鴨骨湯更是讓家人讚不絕口,白濃濃的湯底、滿滿的酸菜、一大把的冬粉以及去油膩的豆腐,實在美味極了! 紅豆食府,道地的上海菜,誠意十足的餡料,下次還會再訪!
  • Athenatung

    Zhonghe, Xinbei

    Traveler type:

    En familia



    家人聚餐, 來這家餐廳吃, 我們5個人, 吃的很舒服。 我個人推薦他家的干絲,乾煸四季豆及素蒸餃。 干絲非常下飯, 乾煸四季豆讓人小小驚艷, 素蒸餃和鼎泰豐一樣好。 價格中等,適合家人或好朋友一起分享。

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