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Mascot Majimeow Says Hi to MRT Passengers

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Fecha de publicación:2016-08-29



Mascot Majimeow Says Hi to MRT Passengers

Mascot Majimeow Says Hi to MRT Passengers

The round and cute “spokes-cat” for MRT Culture Promotion Campaign Majimeow has created its den on the MRT! The refurbished trains will travel the Songshan Line starting Friday, August 19.

To offer family travelers, pregnant women, and passengers with baby carriages a comfortable environment on MRT trains, Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation (TRTC) established the “family-friendly” area between carriages 3 and 4 on all 27 trains running on the Songshan Line starting December12, 2015.

The introduction of the family-friendly areas on trains running on the Songshan Line has received positive feedback from the public. In addition to “Cute Animal Train,” “Vegetable Train,” and “Eye-protection Animal Train,” TRTC welcomes Majimeow to join the rank of themed trains serving the public this year.

The company chose one of the trains to create the “Majimeow Family Carriages.” The themed area of “Elder and Younger Majimeows on the Move,” located on the third carriage, can be identified by its blue-and-yellow colors.

The fourth carriage is “Majimeow Loves Picnic” theme area features a sky-blue colored backdrop with the mascot figures promoting picnic as a leisure activity for the entire family.

TRTC reminds the public that trains with family-friendly areas can be identified by the pink-colored labels stating “family-friendly zones” on the floor of the platform and on the platform gate.


  • Source: Department of Information Technology, Taipei City Government

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